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Bird Feeder Reviews

  • Birds Choice Recycled Jay Bird Feeder

    Birds Choice Whole Peanut Blue Jay Feeder with Green Roof

    A Bird-Friendly Peanut Dispenser With Large Holes And A Unique Design. This Acrylic Paneled Blue Jay Feeder Is Durable, Sturdy, A Great Choice For Large Backyard Birds. I’m glad you found your way here! More than likely, you discovered my website because you need info about finding the perfect blue … Read more

  • Seed Saver Domed Feeder

    Seed Saver Domed Feeder: Comprehensive 2021 Detailed Review

    An Aesthetically Pleasing Favorite Designed With Style & Grace. This Domed Bird Feeder Is Durable, Feeds Multiple Birds At Once, And Is Proudly Made In The USA. Glad you could make it! I’m guessing you’re here because you enjoy it when blue jays visit your backyard so much that you … Read more

  • Nature's Way Cedar Hopper Bird Feeder with Suet

    Nature’s Way Cedar Hopper Bird Feeder with Suet: Complete 2022 Review

    A Multipurpose Combination Bird Seed & Suet Feeder. This Gorgeously Designed Hopper Is Made With Rot Resistant Wood, Which Lends Strength & Character To A Wonderful Product. Thanks for stopping by! I believe you found your way to this website because you share a deep and abiding love for blue … Read more

  • DutchCrafters Plastic Platform Ground Bird Feeder Tray Review

    DutchCrafters Poly Ground Bird Feeder Tray: 2022 Ultimate Analysis

    A Study Piece Of American Craftsmanship That Only The Amish Can Deliver. With 12 Colors To Choose From, This Eco-Friendly Bird Feeder Is Handcrafted To Perfection. Imagine for a second… Blue jays are attempting to get tasty black oil sunflower seeds from your tube feeder and they’re having a difficult … Read more

  • best bird feeder for blue jays

    Best Blue Jay Feeders: Top 10 Review Of My All-Time Favorites

    Unleash up your imagination for a moment. As you gaze upon your backyard bird feeders, you notice a plethora of blue jays visiting your tasty offerings, only to turn away with empty beaks and claws. Why aren’t they eating your delicious bird seeds? Unfortunately, your bird feeders are the problem. … Read more

  • Woodlink Deluxe Cedar Bird Feeder with Suet Cages

    Woodlink Deluxe Cedar Bird Feeder with Suet Cages: Full 2022 Review

    A Dazzling Blue Jay Feeder With All The Bells And Whistles. Experience True Perfection With Sturdy Red Cedar Construction, Large Dimensions, And Multiple Seed Outlets Welcome! I assume you found your way here because you’re as passionate about blue jays as I am. I love these gorgeous bully birds – … Read more

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Bird House Reviews​

  • Barn owl

    Comprehensive 2022 Buyer’s Guide For The Best Owl Nesting Boxes

    Create the following picture in your mind: You’ve recently installed a gorgeous owl nesting box in one of the larger trees in your backyard. Although it’s only been a few days, you already have a family of screech owls taking up residence in your garden. How does it feel? If … Read more

  • finch in nature - loking for the best finch birdhouses

    Best Finch Birdhouses

    Watching for finches can be as easy as setting up the perfect habitat in your backyard that includes the best finch birdhouses, low bushes with seeds, bird feeders for finches, and a water source. The finches will nest and breed near water, making them easy to spot if you set … Read more

  • Best Purple Martin House Buyer Guide

    Best Purple Martin Houses, A Comprehensive 2022 Buyer’s Guide

    You’ve done all the work to lure purple martins to your yard and stop realizing that they have nowhere to nest near your home.  Purple martins are extremely social birds and need community homes to dwell, eat, and interact with each other.  As you can imagine, it can be tough … Read more

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Birding Accessories

  • Lyric Peanut Pieces

    Lyric Peanut Pieces: Comprehensive Review Of The Best Peanuts

    Consider the following: You’ve spent time learning about backyard birds and you’ve read that many absolutely adore eating healthy peanuts. You noticed that many of the birds in your backyard are really tiny, so you wanted to give them a peanut product that even the littlest birds could eat. Which … Read more

  • Wildlife Sciences Suet

    Wildlife Sciences Suet: Nutrient Rich And Tasty Best Suet

    Here’s something to consider: You’re ready to pick up a fresh batch of suet cakes for your backyard birds, but since you never purchased them before, you aren’t sure which brand-name to choose. Does this sound like your current situation? If you answered yes, then you’ve discovered the perfect place … Read more

  • Wagners Cracked Corn

    Wagner’s Cracked Corn: The Best Cracked Corn Complete Guide

    Open up your imagination for a second… You look out your window and notice beautiful juncos, cardinals, and blue jays congregating in your backyard. They’re visiting for a specific reason. They want tasty and delicious bird food! Do you know what to feed them? Do you know the best seeds … Read more

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Live Bird Cams

  • osprey hovering - osprey live cam

    10 Live Osprey Cams: Watch These Amazing Birds 24/7

    Check Out These Ten Live Osprey Cams From Around the World This is the best spot on the Internet to watch a variety of osprey live stream cams!  Below is a compilation of osprey live cams I put together so my readers can watch cams from all around the world. … Read more

  • Barn Owl Standing

    10 Best Live Owl Cams Online: 24/7 Live Streaming

    I have always been fascinated by owls yet haven’t been able to view many in the wild. So… I put together this page of live owl cams to get my fix! Enjoy… Do you enjoy watching live owl cams? Updated October 10, 2021: This is the best place to find … Read more

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Birdwatching Articles

  • bird identification

    Bird Identification: 14 Strategies For Improving Your Skills

    There are over 10,000 bird species worldwide, and 800 of those are found in the US and Canada. So, while bird watching is a fun activity, it is no surprise that bird identification can be challenging, even for experts.  Birds are constantly moving, changing behaviors, and certain species can look … Read more

  • how to clean bird feeders

    The Ultimate How-To Guide For Cleaning Bird Feeders, Tips & Practical Advice

    Cleaning your bird feeders is important for maintaining a healthy birding environment in your backyard. Luckily, cleaning a bird feeder is not difficult as you’ll see in our step-by-step guide below. Aim to clean your bird feeders every couple of weeks and perform a deep clean twice a year. The … Read more

  • Does Cayenne Pepper Keep Squirrels Away - Bird Informer

    Does Cayenne Pepper Keep Squirrels Away From Bird Seeds?

    Squirrels, although undeniably cute, can cause significant damage to your backyard. They gnaw on almost anything, and it’s double the nuisance when they visit bird feeders and eat seeds that aren’t for them. For this reason, many bird watchers are searching for ways to keep squirrels away from bird feeders. And … Read more

  • bird feeder and rats

    Bird Feeder And Rats: How To Prevent Rats From Getting To Your Bird Feeders

    Most bird watchers focus a lot on preventing squirrels from getting to their bird feeders that they almost forget another nuisance – the rats. Yes, as much as you may think that it’s odd, but rats will also grab the opportunity to eat bird food if you let them. Keep … Read more

  • bald eagle with fish from kelp forest

    How The Bald Eagle Would Be Affected By The Loss Of The Kelp Forests

    Whether it’s because of climate change or the decline of sea otters, the loss of kelp forests has affected bald eagles significantly.  It’s been found that because of the tremendous decrease of kelp forests, bald eagles are forced to shift their diet from fish to seabirds and other mammals. According … Read more

  • bird brain science

    What Science Understands About Bird’s Brains: They Might Be Smarter Than You Think

    You probably heard the term “bird brain” a few times, and from what we all know, this term is always used to describe a stupid person. However, as much as most people would like to assume, birds aren’t stupid. Here we’ll dive deep into the topic of bird brain science… Bird … Read more

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