December 19, 2022 // 2 minutes read

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birdwatching on the beach

Birdwatching, also known as birding, is a hobby that involves observing and identifying birds in their natural habitat. It can be done anywhere, from a backyard or a local park to a nature reserve or a remote location. Some birdwatchers travel to different places to see new species and add them to their “life list” of birds they have seen.

To start birdwatching, all you need is an interest in birds and a pair of binoculars. Many birdwatchers also use field guides, identification apps, and other resources to help them identify different species. Some people also keep a journal or a list of the birds they have seen, as well as notes about the bird’s behavior and habitat.

Birdwatching can be a relaxing and enjoyable activity for people of all ages. It allows you to connect with nature and learn more about the amazing diversity of birds that exist. It can also be a social activity, as there are many birding clubs and groups where birdwatchers can meet and share their experiences.

U.S. State Birdwatching Locations

Are you searching for places to visit in the United States to enjoy your birding activities? Perhaps you are traveling to a new state and want to spend some time outdoors birdwatching. In each state birding guide, you will find:

  • Free birding destinations
  • Paid birdwatching destinations
  • birdwatching clubs to join

And, as always, if you come across a location that is absolutely gorgeous and is a must-see destination that is NOT listed here, please contact us to have it added. Our goal is to have the most comprehensive & helpful resources listed so other bird watchers can benefit from our & our reader’s experiences & research!

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