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Bird Feeder Reviews

  • Pacific Bird And Supply Co Green Ring Suet Ball And Peanut Feeder

    Pacific Bird & Supply Green Ring Suet Ball Bird Feeder 2021 Review

    Imagine the possibilities… You throw back your curtains in the morning and gaze out your window on a gorgeous wintry day. You look over at your bird feeder and discover a group of blue jays diligently munching away on tasty suet balls packed inside the wreath. These amazing blue jays … Read more

  • Songbird Essentials Whole Peanut Wreath Feeder

    Songbird Essentials Whole Peanut Feeder Wreath: Complete 2021 Guide

    Sit back and close your eyes… What do you see in your imagination? I like to picture a beautiful wintry day with snow flurries coming down in the background, yet the sun is still beaming brightly against the snow. Not too far in the distance, you notice a pair of … Read more

  • JCs Wildlife Large Poly Hopper Bird Feeder: Definitive 2021 Review

    Expand your imagination with me for a moment… It’s a gorgeous spring day and the blue jays are darting around your yard like a pack of crazed vultures. What are they looking for? And what has made them so excited? Well, you recently installed a brand-new bird feeder in your … Read more

  • Picnic Table Platform Feeder for Birds

    The Squirrel Shop Picnic Table Platform Feeder: Full Analysis

    A Stunningly Gorgeous Squirrel And Blue Jay Feeder With A Deep Platform Tray That Holds A Plethora Of Nuts & Seeds. You’ll Love The Durable, Clean, Appealing Overall Design Too. Please indulge me for a moment… The sun is shining brightly on a frigid winter morning. You see a handful … Read more

  • Nature's Way Cedar Platform Tray Bird Feeder

    Nature’s Way Hanging Platform Feeder: 2021 All-Inclusive Analysis

    A Minimal Hanging Platform Feeder With A Functional Design. This Top-Notch Blue Jay Feeder Brings Simplicity, Durability, And Ease To Your Backyard Bird Feeding Efforts. Imagine the future with me for a second… You wake up on a bright sunny morning and step outside onto the deck in your backyard. … Read more

  • Birds Choice Recycled Jay Bird Feeder

    Birds Choice Whole Peanut Blue Jay Feeder with Green Roof

    A Bird-Friendly Peanut Dispenser With Large Holes And A Unique Design. This Acrylic Paneled Blue Jay Feeder Is Durable, Sturdy, A Great Choice For Large Backyard Birds. I’m glad you found your way here! More than likely, you discovered my website because you need info about finding the perfect blue … Read more

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Bird House Reviews​

  • Best Purple Martin House Buyer Guide

    Best Purple Martin Houses, A Comprehensive 2021 Buyer’s Guide

    You’ve done all the work to lure purple martins to your yard and stop realizing that they have nowhere to nest near your home.  Purple martins are extremely social birds and need community homes to dwell, eat, and interact with each other.  As you can imagine, it can be tough … Read more

  • Barn owl

    Comprehensive 2021 Buyer’s Guide For The Best Owl Nesting Boxes

    Create the following picture in your mind: You’ve recently installed a gorgeous owl nesting box in one of the larger trees in your backyard. Although it’s only been a few days, you already have a family of screech owls taking up residence in your garden. How does it feel? If … Read more

  • finch in nature - loking for the best finch birdhouses

    Best Finch Birdhouses

    Watching for finches can be as easy as setting up the perfect habitat in your backyard that includes the best finch birdhouses, low bushes with seeds, bird feeders for finches, and a water source. The finches will nest and breed near water, making them easy to spot if you set … Read more

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Birding Accessories

  • C&S Mealworm Delight No Melt Suet Dough

    C&S Mealworm Delight No Melt Suet Dough: Best No-Melt Suet Dough

    You never know what to expect. One moment, your property is swarming with beautiful backyard birds. Woodpeckers, nuthatches, brown creepers, and the rest are flying around, hopping from branch to branch, and ultimately having a grand old time. The next moment: They’re gone. Poof! Nowhere to be seen. What happened … Read more

  • Cole's White Millet

    Cole’s White Millet Bird Seed: Full Review Of The Best Millet

    Picture this: Your property is filled with all of your favorite beautiful songbirds. Everywhere you look, you see mourning doves, painted buntings, juncos, white throated sparrows, towhees, and a plethora of other stunning birds. Not long ago, you hardly had any of these amazing creatures gracing your property with their … Read more

  • Lyric Peanut Pieces

    Lyric Peanut Pieces: Comprehensive Review Of The Best Peanuts

    Consider the following: You’ve spent time learning about backyard birds and you’ve read that many absolutely adore eating healthy peanuts. You noticed that many of the birds in your backyard are really tiny, so you wanted to give them a peanut product that even the littlest birds could eat. Which … Read more

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Live Bird Cams

  • hummingbird pair

    Watch The Best Live Hummingbird Cams: 24/7 Live Streaming

    If you are like me, you love watching birds. And, watching hummingbirds is really cool! But you might not have them in your own backyard. That’s ok, we’ve got you covered. Here you can view live hummingbird cam streams on this page or with the links I provide. What do … Read more

  • Live Eagle Cam

    Live Eagle Cams: Watch Eagles 24/7 With These 2021 Live Streams

    I love watching live Eagle cams! Do you enjoy watching live Eagle cams? We gathered a wide variety of Eagle live streams so you can watch them all day long. Take a look at these live cams of Eagles on this page. >> Be sure to bookmark this page so … Read more

  • live puffins cams

    Live Puffin Cam: Live Streaming Cameras

    Have You Ever Wondered What Puffins Do All Day Long? Check Out These Live Puffin Cams To get Glimpse Into Their Habits… We gathered a wide variety of Puffin live streams so you can watch them all day long. Take a look at these live cams of Puffins on this … Read more

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Birdwatching Articles

  • Baltimore Oriole Song

    The Baltimore Oriole Song – What Do Orioles Sound Like?

    When summer comes, we all look forward to seeing the beautiful and vibrant colors of birds around us. But other than the beautiful spread of colors, another thing that we all look forward to is the lovely song they sing.  One particular songbird known to sing the most beautiful tunes … Read more

  • how to attract orioles

    How To Attract Orioles To Your Yard: 9 Best Ways

    Known for their black and orange plumage and beautiful sweet songs, orioles are undeniably one of the most sought-after bird species in the backyard. And you really can’t blame anyone because they bring the most beautiful colors around your home.  And though orioles are frequent visitors of bird feeders, attracting … Read more

  • Will Other Birds Use A Purple Martin House?

    Purple martins are beautiful, insect-eating birds that spend the winter in Central America. When they return to North America at the end of March, they’ll nest in birdhouses made specifically for their needs. Indeed, this is a special type of birdhouse designed only for purple martin colonies!  But, will different … Read more

  • Purple Martin

    How To Attract Purple Martins To Your Yard

    It can be difficult to attract purple martins to your yard. However, following the steps in this article will help you bring more of these birds to your home so you can feed and watch them. The purple martin is a beautiful, but elusive bird. They’re not easy to find … Read more

  • types of oriole

    Types Of Orioles: Easily Identify These Beautiful Birds

    Oriole birds are one of the most eye-catching birds you’ll find in your backyard. They are known for their orange and black plumage in the summer season, which contrasts well under the pale green leaves of trees. And, it is always tons of fun attracting all types of orioles to … Read more

  • Ichthyornis dispar

    Ichthyornis dispar: A Toothy Seabird That Connects Dinosaurs To Modern-Day Birds

    Are birds dinosaurs?  If you’ve been researching birds for so long, then you already probably know that birds descended from dinosaurs. Yes, this is despite looking different from each other.  Various studies have been done throughout the years to prove this connection and just a few years ago, scientists have … Read more

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