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Our mission is to provide you with the best information on the market pertaining to all things birds.  We try to cover everything related to birding. Some of those topics are highlighted in the sections below.

My family has always enjoyed watching and learning about birds and nature. Below are some of our favorite pictures.

Abbey attracting birds with bird seed
Abbey attracting birds with birdseed in the backyard by the bird feeders.
Kids filling bird feeders
Abbey & Jack helping to refill the bird feeders.

Our Editorial staff has firsthand experience in bird watching and attracting birds to our yards by building a bird-friendly yard and environment. We hope that BirdInformer.com gives you the information you need to make your birding experience an enjoyable one.

Where we get our information from:

  1. Use Of Products: Many of the products highlighted on this site have been used by our writers and editorial staff.
  2. Birding Experience:  Our staff and contributors have firsthand experience with many of the topics written on this site. This includes setting up bird live cams, establishing bird sanctuaries, and building bird feeders, birdhouses, birdbaths, and more.
  3. Forum, Reviews, and Other Data: If there is a product that we have not used personally, our writers compile information and content to and provide a summary of the experience of users who have first-hand knowledge.

Please note: We are not promoting any products nor do any merchants give us free products or pay us for sharing their products. Our reviews come from purchasing the product and providing first-hand experiences or we find information and feedback from other people that have used the product.

Affiliate Relationships:

We have an affiliate relationship with Amazon.com. When you purchase a product through an Amazon link on our website, we earn a commission. However, you DO NOT incur any additional fees or expenses.

The commissions we earn through our affiliation with Amazons helps to offset the overhead fees and bills to run and maintain this website.

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Review Categories:

Bird Feeders: As bird watching enthusiasts, we have the experience, exposure, and have done the research to offer you the information you desire to find the best bird feeders on the market.

Birdhouses: From the buying best birdhouses for Cardinals & Finches to nesting boxes for wild birds, our writing & editorial staff has the experience to provide sound and helpful advice when buying a birdhouse. This also applies to building your own DIY birdhouse.

Live Bird Cams: Enjoy watching wilds birds from around the world on live bird cams? Us too!  We have set up some great live bird cams for species like OwlsHummingbirdsOspreysEaglesPuffins, and more.

Accessories: Perhaps you need some advice on buying accessories for birdwatching, such as binoculars, hats, journals, or more. Or, perhaps you need to get information on items like the best bird seeds to use for attracting a certain species of birds. We have all the information you need for bird accessories here.

Wrap Up

Our site exists in order to provide you the resources you need to enjoy nature and watching birds! We have assembled everything under one roof, here at BirdInformer.com, so you can make the best purchasing decisions with regards to your birding needs.

Feel free to contact us with any bird-related questions about anything we have written about or if you want to suggest a product for us to review in the future.

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