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Bird Feeder Reviews

  • hummingbirds on feeder

    Best Hummingbird Feeders of 2022: A Buyer’s Guide

    Hummingbirds are fascinating, attractive, and fun birds to watch. Instead of resorting to watching them online via a hummingbird cam, or watching hummingbird documentaries (I still do both of these), I started investigating how to attract hummingbirds to my backyard. In my quest… I put together a top list of … Read more

  • winter bird feeders

    The Best Bird Feeders For Winter: A Review Of 5 Feeders

    Wintertime is a great time to think about keeping your bird feeders full as food becomes scarce for birds. Whether you are an expert birdfeeder or not, this can be a very thrilling activity during this time. However, you may need to get yourself a feeder that can stand the … Read more

  • Cardinal on bird feeder

    Best Triple Tube Bird Feeders of 2022

    If you’re like me, you like to fill your feeders with a lot of seed and want it to last for a while without the need to refill frequently. Having the best triple tube bird feeder in your backyard helps to minimize refilling. How do you pick the very best … Read more

  • Best Suet Bird Feeders

    6 Best Suet Feeders For Birds (2022)

    I enjoy giving the birds in my backyard the food that they love to eat, and that includes providing the best suet feeder. I also like to provide squirrel proof options to my suet cakes go to the birds and not the squirrels! So, how do you find the best … Read more

  • squirrels attacking bird feeders

    Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders

    If you are tired of seeing all your bird feed be eaten by squirrels instead of birds, then this article is for you! Here we take a look at the best squirrel-proof bird feeders available today. So… You might be asking yourself, What is the best-rated squirrel-proof bird feeders? View … Read more

  • Best Yellow Finch Bird Feeders

    Best Yellow Finch Bird Feeders

    If you’re like me, you love watching birds in your backyard. And, I particularly like attracting a large variety of birds like cardinals, blue jays, yellow finches, and more. One of my goals last year was to find the Best Yellow Finch Bird Feeders to increase the frequency of yellow … Read more

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Bird House Reviews​

Birding Accessories

  • Smart Solar 20622R01 Country Gardens Solar Birdbath Fountain

    Comprehensive 2022 Review Of The Country Gardens Solar Birdbath Fountain

    A Solar Fountain With Impressive Features. It’s Attractive, Resilient, Functionally Designed, And Has The Best Hidden Underwater Solar Panel For Your Liking. As my readers can attest, I work diligently to provide the most poignant information possible to help you on your journey. My main focus remains as strong as … Read more

  • Lamp Post Solar LED Birdbath

    Solar Lamp Post Birdbath: The Ultimate 2022 Evaluation

    An Exquisite Triple Combo Bird Bath, Lamp Post, And Flower Planter All Rolled Into One. The Gorgeous Design & Serious Curb Appeal Is Bound To Impress! I created this blog to provide the best information possible to my readers. And my driving focus hasn’t changed one iota since the beginning. … Read more

  • Glass Solar Birdbath

    Complete 2022 Review Of The Outdoor Glass Solar Birdbath

    A Solar Birdbath Crafted With Care. It’s A True Work Of Art With Resilience, Ease-Of-Use, And Functional Artistic Appeal That You’re Bound To Love. My complete and comprehensive review of the Outdoor Glass Solar Birdbath with Metal Stand is here to guide you. It will make it easier to decide … Read more

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Live Bird Cams

Birdwatching Articles

  • Purple Martins Song

    Purple Martin Song: Bird Song, Bird Calling & Morning Vocalization

    If you’re ready to attract more purple martins to your yard, you must first figure out the types of songs they sing. Luckily, this article will explain all of the different vocalizations of the purple martin species. Purple martins are beautiful birds. They have a distinct look that is easy … Read more

  • Where Is The Best Place To Install A Purple Martin House

    Where Is The Best Place To Install A Purple Martin House?

    You’ve just purchased the best purple martin house, and you realize you have no idea of where to install it. Lucky for you, we have the answer to where is the best place to install a purple martin house. Purple martin birdhouses should be installed between 10’ and 14’ in … Read more

  • What Direction Should A Purple Martin House Face

    What Direction Should A Purple Martin House Face?

    Purple martins are some of the most beautiful birds in North America. They’re also very social and use their houses to build nests together. So, what direction should a purple martin house face? The answer is that it doesn’t really matter how you position your purple martin house. These birds … Read more

  • what do purple martins eat

    What Do Purple Martins Eat? The Uncensored Truth

    If you’re planning on attracting purple martins to your home, you may be wondering what they eat. Fortunately, we have all of the answers for you. Purple martins are one of the most iconic species in North America. They are easy to identify because they have a bright purple, almost … Read more

  • Baltimore Oriole Song

    The Baltimore Oriole Song – What Do Orioles Sound Like?

    When summer comes, we all look forward to seeing the beautiful and vibrant colors of birds around us. But other than the beautiful spread of colors, another thing that we all look forward to is the lovely song they sing.  One particular songbird known to sing the most beautiful tunes … Read more

  • how to attract orioles

    How To Attract Orioles To Your Yard: 9 Best Ways

    Known for their black and orange plumage and beautiful sweet songs, orioles are undeniably one of the most sought-after bird species in the backyard. And you really can’t blame anyone because they bring the most beautiful colors around your home.  And though orioles are frequent visitors of bird feeders, attracting … Read more

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