What Does It Mean Spiritually When You See A Bluebird?

November 10, 2022 // 11 minutes read // 43 Shares

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What Does It Mean Spiritually When You See A Bluebird?

Does it feel mystically significant whenever you see a bird? Are you wondering if there’s any spiritual meaning or significance to seeing this majestic creature? Keep reading to discover the answers you’ve been seeking.

The Eastern bluebird symbolizes feelings of joy and hope. They signify love and renewal according to Native American legends. Their blue wings allegorically portray contentment and peace. The Mystics consider the color blue a sign of purity, honesty, and innocence. Bluebird spirits spread joy wherever they go. But what does it mean spiritually when you see a bluebird?

The uniquely attractive bluebird is beautiful, has gorgeous coloration and wonderful feathers, and its songs are captivating and pleasant to listen to. To learn more about what bluebirds mean spiritually as symbols, spirit animals, totem animals, and more, please keep reading to discover the truth in greater detail below.

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two bluebirds sitting on wooden posts looking at each other
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Bluebird Symbolism

As a member of the thrush family, there are three different types of bluebirds best known for their gorgeous blue plumage and their delightful songs.

According to worldbirds.com, “The most common symbolism associated with the bluebird is that of the ‘bluebird of happiness.’  Bluebirds are often thought to be bringers of happiness and symbols of good cheer.” This happiness theme is a very common occurrence among cultures all around the world. 

Bluebirds as we know them are only found within the borders of North America. But other cultural traditions are based around bluebirds or birds that have a bright array of blue plumage. The Blue Rock Thrush of Europe is a great example. 

Nevertheless, the worldwide symbolism of happiness that is attached to bluebirds of North America can be easily applied to birds with blue feathers throughout the rest of the world.

Korean Symbolism For Bluebirds

A Belgian Playwright Named Maurice Maeterlinck wrote a play called “The Blue Bird.” According to KBS World, “In this story, the bluebird represents hope, but Koreans of the old days also considered the bluebird the harbinger of hopeful news.”

This is important because the Korean people perceive these birds and consider them sacred messengers. This is very similar to the Christians. They believe that God sent these little birds to watch over the people of the earth and send messages back to God about what’s happening within the world.

Chinese Symbolism For Bluebirds

There are two very distinct Chinese symbols associated with bluebirds. The first symbolic association is called Xi Wangmu. She is known as the Queen goddess in the West. She protects priestesses, nuns, and single women.

The second Chinese bluebird symbolic association comes from the Shang Dynasty. During this dynasty, the bluebird was looked upon as a symbol of enlightenment and wisdom.

Christianity’s Symbolism For Bluebirds

Bluebirds do not necessarily have a specific symbolic meeting in Christianity per se, but they are still considered messengers of nature’s bounty, joy, and hope. Throughout the Bible, birds and different animals are used to demonstrate creation’s perfection.

In particular, bluebirds are typically associated with joy in the return of spring. They remind us of faith, hope, and the promise of paradise.

Celtic Symbolism For Bluebirds

Bluebirds are North American creatures and do not exist in Europe. Celtic cultures do not possess a strong association with bluebirds in one way or another.

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What Does It Mean Spiritually When You See A Bluebird?

Bluebirds are considered excellent spirit animals for many reasons. But in particular, people around the world respect the bluebird as a spirit animal because it possesses so many incredible characteristics. In fact, some of the biggest and best characteristics of the bluebird include:

  • Trust
  • Peacefulness
  • Confidence
  • Depth
  • Sincerity
  • Wisdom
  • Loyalty
  • Faith

In fact, most cultures are enamored with the bluebird because the color blue is considered very peaceful. This bird will easily keep negative energy at bay.

Are you a peacemaker? Do you like to bring warring factions together? You could be excellent at refereeing verbal sparring matches between your brothers and sisters. Or maybe you tend to diffuse fights with your children or spouse.

In any case, people consider bluebirds their spirit animal RP smackers are peacemakers at heart. They are born to keep the peace.

The other spiritual meaning of the bluebird spirit animal is happiness and joy. If you have a bluebird spirit animal, your calling is to deliver joy and bring peace to as many people as you possibly can.

First responders, artists, actors, and comedians all associate with the bluebird spirit animal. Anyone who helps bring joy to other people should consider the bluebird as their spirit animal.

What Does It Mean When You See A Bluebird In Your Dreams?

Have you ever dreamed of bluebirds? This experience is often touching, hopeful, and impactful on a person’s life. The context of the dream definitely plays a role, but having dreams of bluebirds is typically positive. It usually symbolizes that the dreamer has a bright future ahead of them.

According to spirit-animals.com, “When you have a bluebird dream, it is a sign that your struggles will soon end. If an issue has brought you great unrest, this dream tells you not to bother about it anymore because the problem is fading away. Additionally, to see a bluebird flying in the vision reminds you to spread happiness.”

Possible bluebird dreams and their meanings include:

  1. A Bluebird Feeding on a Worm – this dream has a positive interpretation, to say the least. It means that it’s a sign that in your professional life, you are about to experience major success.
  2. A Single Bluebird Feather – a person is dreaming about a single bluebird feather isn’t a good sign. This is especially true if you cannot find the bluebird that it belongs to in your dreams. The stream is a warning telling you not to ignore your wealth. You could potentially lose a substantial amount of money in the very near future.
  3. Talking to a Bluebird – talking to a bluebird in your dream definitely has its symbolism. In fact, it is a symbolic expression of loneliness. This dream is an indication that a major relationship in your life may have recently come to an end. The dream itself symbolizes a void in your life.
  4. A Sleeping Bluebird – dreaming about a sleeping bluebird means that you regularly compare yourself to others. This isn’t a good habit because it, unfortunately, undermines your self-confidence. This dream is telling you not to be too hard on yourself.
  5. A Bluebird Flock – recognizing a flock of bluebirds within your dreams is an indication that there’s a way to bring your entire family together. Maybe it’s already happening because of a family wedding or some other important family event. Flying together with a flock of bluebirds signifies that you’ll enjoy this family gathering.
  6. A Dead Bluebird – in your dreams, it’s never great to encounter a dead bluebird. Unfortunately, the negative interpretation of this type of dream usually means that a bad thing is about to happen. It means that the dreamer is about to lose a piece of their innocence as well because of this unfortunate event that will take place.

Ultimately, dreaming about bluebirds is definitely a good thing. Not only does it signify that your troubles are about to become a thing of the past, but it also reminds us that we have a bright future ahead of us. So, remain hopeful, loving, and excited about life.

two bluebirds sitting on wooden posts looking at each other
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Bluebird Totem Animal

World Birds tells us that “the bluebird totem animal is deeply connected to the home and family. To the bluebird totem animal, the nest is a sacred space that should be protected. The nest of the bluebird totem is a space that is welcoming, comfortable, and warm.

It’s also important to note that this totem animal will become a part of your life during a major time of sacrifice. At some point in our lives, we are expected or asked to sacrifice everything joyous in our lives in an effort to achieve something great.

This totem animal wants you to know that achieving a great milestone or goal isn’t everything. It wants you to know that focusing on greatness is too high a price to pay. It wants you to know that you should never sacrifice your happiness.

Working hard and making sacrifices is supposed to bring us joy, right? Well sacrificing all of your joy and happiness to achieve a goal is counterproductive, and the bluebird totem animal wants us to know this fact.

The bluebird totem will find you and share a warning if you are wealthy but hoard your wealth instead of graciously sharing it with friends and family in need. It’s a warning and a reminder to share your wealth and prosperity with others because wealth will come back to you tenfold because of your generosity.

Are you ever blind to the feelings of others? Your bluebird totem animal will visit you to let you know that someone is admiring you from afar. This person might be very nervous and scared to approach you. Your bluebird totem will help you understand their feelings so that you’re no longer oblivious to their affections.

bluebird perched on wooden post surrounded by purple flowers
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Bluebird Spirit Animal In The Indigenous Peoples’ Culture

Amongst Native American cultures, the symbolism surrounding the bluebird is vastly different amongst a number of different tribes. Although, the overall symbol of the bluebird is filled with positivity and light amongst the Native American tribes who revere this beautiful creature.

The following tribes have varying symbolic beliefs about the bluebird:

  • Iroquois Tribe – the Iroquois creation myth tells us that the bluebird drives away Tawiscaron from the cold and wintry weather each spring.
  • Navajo Tribe – the folklore of the Navajo tribe associates the bluebird with the morning and the sun. During ceremonies, they’ll sometimes sing a song that includes lyrics connecting the break of day and bluebirds together.
  • Pima People – the Pima people have connected the bluebird to humility and transformation. A Pima legend tells us that the bluebird’s color was once very dull. But it sang a song next to a deep blue lake every day for four days and shed its feathers and replaced them with bright blue ones that grew in their place.
  • Cochiti Tribe – the people of the Cochiti tribe believe that the sun fathered two boys named Bluebird and Turquoise. When they were big enough, their father eventually taught them how to brighten the morning sky.
  • Ojibwe People – these people consider the bluebird the inventor of the rainbow.
adult bluebird feeding a baby
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When all is said and done, it’s important to know that the trustee and hopeful bluebird is a spiritually relevant creature. Some bluebird facts to reiterate before we go include:

  • Indigenous people consider bluebirds to be transformative, possess humility, inventors of the rainbow, bright owners of the morning sky, and birds that drive away the winter he cold weather to usher in a brand-new spring.
  • Bluebird totem animals possess many beautiful qualities. They help us recognize other people’s feelings, warn us when we are stingy, remind us that we shouldn’t ever sacrifice our happiness to achieve goals or greatness, and they bring us lots of joy and happiness.
  • Seeing bluebird spirit animals in our dreams means many things. It could mean losing our innocence, not being too hard on ourselves, a symbol of loneliness, that success at work is coming near, and that we are about to come into a substantial amount of money.
  • Bluebirds also have significance in Christianity, Korea, and China. The Celtic religions in Europe do not have any spiritual ties to bluebirds since they aren’t present throughout Europe. 
  • Bluebirds are excellent spirit animals because they are peaceful, peacemakers, honest, trusting, confident, possess wisdom, remind us to have faith and many other excellent qualities that I shared above.

Thank you for taking this time to learn about the spiritual and symbolic aspects of bluebirds. If you have anything else that you’d like us to share, please feel free to mention it in the comments, and will add it for you.

Thanks for stopping by!

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