Best Triple Tube Bird Feeders of 2024

December 17, 2020 // 16 minutes read

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Cardinal on bird feeder

If you’re like me, you like to fill your feeders with a lot of seed and want it to last for a while without the need to refill frequently. Having the best triple tube bird feeder in your backyard helps to minimize refilling.

How do you pick the very best feeder?

Here’s the deal,

In this article, we reveal the top 4 triple tube bird feeders that we have found in our search for the best! AND – we added a 5th bonus review for a squirrel proof option 🙂


Whether you are a seasoned bird watching pro or a beginner, I hope you get a ton of value from our triple tube bird feeder reviews below.

Best Triple Tube Bird Feeder

Rating: 97 of 100

Feather & Feed Triple Tube Bird Feeder

This item from Feather & Feed can last for a long time. Built with durable steel, you will be feeding birds quite a while with this one. What we like about this product is that you can easily clean it. It features an easy open and close access point. This makes cleaning and refilling a breeze!

Probably one of the best product details of this tube feeder is that there are pre-drilled holes to keep the seeds fresh with proper airflow. These are perfect for the smaller seeds.

What’s Good

  • Versatile multi-tube design
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable steel construction
  • Top ring-hangable design
  • Large capacity for seeds

What’s Bad

  • Smaller than most bird feeders
  • Plastic tubing can be damaged over time

Feather & Feed’s wild bird feeder is constructed with high-grade steel and strong clear plastic tubes. You can easily hang it by using the feeder’s pre-installed top ring and hook it on trees in your surroundings.

The double compartments make it very convenient for you to fill them with different types of seeds. The best seeds to use are sunflower seeds, black oil seeds, or other similar-sized seeds. I really like the third tube feature being a split type mesh design for a variety of seeds and nuts.

This feeder has pre-drilled drainage holes at the bottom of the base that makes it easy for proper airflow and will assure you that the seeds and nuts are always fresh for the variety of birds you are trying to attract. It can hold up to 5lbs of birdseed and nuts.

There are 6 openings in total and a mesh feeder to allow wild birds to feed on different heights and angles. They won’t be so cramped up like with other feeders.

The height is 8 inches. It is 8 inches deep and 8.07 inches wide. This is an ideal feeder for attracting feathered friends such as sparrows, nuthatches, chickadees, finches, warblers, and many more North American bird species.

Best Copper Triple Tube Bird Feeder

Rating: 95 of 100

MOST STYLISH: Copper Finish Triple Tube Bird Feeder By Perky-Pet

Perky Pet Copper Triple Tube Bird Feeder
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This Perky-Pet 3 tube feeder is one of the most beautiful feeders that we have ever seen. It has a copper finish that just takes your breath away. It may not be a factor for the birds that feed on this but it sure can make your backyard look a whole lot better.

Aside from the stylish design, this Perkey Pet copper finish triple tube bird feeder also has a total of 12 feeding openings that just makes it a great feeder to attract many different varieties of our winged friends in your backyard or your front porch.

We just love that it allows many to feed at the same time with 3 different seeds to cater to the different wants and needs. And, its 10 lb seed capacity is awesome!

If you are looking for a copper finish triple tube bird feeder that can spice your backyard up, this could be the one to do it.

What’s Good

  • 10 lb seed capacity
  • 12 flip-ports that serve Nyjer or mixed seed
  • Can be pole mounted or hang mounted
  • Three independent seed tubes

What’s Bad

  • Not all parts are protected from squirrel damage

The Perky-Pet copper finish triple tube bird feeder is designed with copper to protect it from the squirrels that hop on to it and damage the feeders. This can help those who constantly struggle with a squirrel problem.

There is also a large baffle in this Perky Pet copper finish bird feeder that can protect your feeder from squirrels and some inclement weather. It can hold up to 10 lbs of seeds so you need not refill multiple times a week. The clear tubing can allow you to see how much seed is left and you will surely know when to refill the seeds so they don’t run out.

Not only does it protect against squirrels attacking your bird seed, but this is also weather-proof and has a powder-coating. It is simple to clean with its removable parts. You wouldn’t have to worry if birds and squirrels make a mess.

It is equipped with a top ring that can be used for hanging on a feeding pole or a tree in your backyard. It has 12 feeding ports with perches where the birds can easily and carefree have their seed on this feeder. These ports have flip covers that can be flipped open and closed when you want them.

This Perky Pet copper triple tube bird feeder is also very convenient to refill with its funnel top feature which makes it easy to keep full. This allows for effortless seed filling. Simply take the top off by turning it counter-clockwise and fill.

Best Triple Tube Bird Feeder For Wild Birds

Rating: 93 of 100

BEST VALUE: Wild Bird Triple Tube Bird Feeder By Perky-Pet

One of the best things about the Wild Bird Triple Tube Bird Feeder By Perky-Pet is that it has 12 feeding ports that the wild birds can choose from. It even has perches for them to rest while munching on the seeds that you provide.

It is made of plastic but it can surely give you a run for the money that you spend on it. It is the best value feeder on our list.

One of the reasons that this seed feeder made our list is that it is straightforward, perfect for birdwatchers looking for simple triple tube feeders that do not have all the bells and whistles. This is great for those who want a simple feeder that can carry up to 6lbs of seeds and nuts.

What’s Good

  • 12 ports and perches
  • Sleek black design
  • 3 different, large capacity tubes you can fill with different seeds
  • Large seed catching trap to keep seeds off the ground

What’s Bad

  • Not the strongest material for longevity
  • Squirrels can easily get to it

This Perky-Pet Tube bird feeder can up to 6lbs of seeds and nuts. Each clear tube can be filled independently for multi-seed bird feeding. This large bird feeder also includes 2-in-1 ports for mixed, thistle, or sunflower seed dispensing.

It features 12 rotating ports so that you can serve a variety of seed types and attract different wild birds to your backyard. It also is equipped with a large bottom base so that it catches the seeds and nuts that fall through the feeding ports and does not waste any of them.

Perky-Pet made this specifically for wild birds and finches. It has dimensions of 12x12x16.3 inches. Made from durable plastic that keeps the seeds in place. It comes in only the black color variant.

Best Triple Tube Bird Feeder Under $100

Rating: 91 of 100

MOST VERSATILE:  North States Super Feeder Bird Feeder

This super feeder made it on our list because of its versatility. It can attract many different bird types to your backyards such as cardinals, chickadees, indigo buntings, finches, nuthatches, and many more.

This is also a very versatile feeder in the sense that you can have it mounted on a pole or hang it on trees or hanging poles. This is great if you are having a hard time finding a place for your feeder where the squirrels can’t get to it.

What’s Good

  • Versatile feeder
  • Hang on trees or mounting brackets
  • Easy to refill with removable top and funnel

What’s Bad

  • Once Disassembled, it is quite difficult to put back together
  • Users found that birds with smaller beaks have a hard time feeding on these

This super feeder from North States can hold up to 10-12lbs of birdseed and different types of nuts. It is a heavy-duty feeder that has 3 plastic tubes with feeding ports and perches attached.

The top of the feeder measures 16 inches in diameter and acts as a squirrel baffle. It also has an easy-fill, revolving top which makes refilling your feeder a snap.

You have a couple of choices on how to mount this feeder in your desired area. You can use a pole to mount this feeder because it comes with a 4-section 1-1/4 inch aluminum pole for mounting. Dig a small hole that fits the first section of the pole and tamp the soil tightly around it. Then add the remaining sections and attach the pole mounting adapter.

You can also hang this feeder on a tree if that’s what you prefer. Once your feeder is filled with seeds, you can use the hanging adapter provided with the feeder and slip it onto the S-Hoo that will ensure that the baffle floats above the top of the feeder.

To fill the feeder, remove the squirrel baffle top. Pull the two tabs under the top baffle outward and that will expose the top. Rotate the top cover to uncover the tubes for convenient refilling.

Best 3 Tube Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

Rating: 95 of 100

Duncraft Metal Safe Haven

If you are tired of the squirrels destroying your bird feeders and always stealing the seeds from the birds you want to attract, then this feeder might be for you. The feeder from Duncraft is made with metal cages surrounding the triple tubes to prevent squirrels from destroying the tubes or pilfering from the birds.

Best of all…

Duncraft is so confident in their product, they offer a one year replacement policy or refund.

Duncraft Metal Safe Haven
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This is one of the best triple tube options that we can find to protect the birds from squirrels and larger birds who bully them. This is a hanging triple tube feeder that can attract a variety of birds that features 6 ports and a catch tray to provide another chance for other birds to feed.

What’s Good

  • 4.5lb capacity
  • Metal Cage for Squirrels and other predators
  • Clear tubes for seeing seed levels
  • Locking cap with easy filling from the top
  • Duncraft offers a one year replacement policy

What’s Bad

  • Not as affordable as some others
  • Not as easy to clean as other others

The 3 tube bird feeder from Duncraft is the perfect squirrel proof triple tube bird feeder in the market today. Click this link if you’re looking for other -> squirrel proof bird feeders. It has a metal cage surrounding the three plastic tubes for protection from squirrels and larger birds that may try to steal seeds or destroy the feeder in the process.

This features clear plastic tubes so you can easily see how much more seeds are left and when to refill it. When refilling, you just need to rotate the cap to unscrew the cover and reveal the triple tubes where you can fill them up with seeds with ease and comfort.

It has a 4.5lbs capacity with 6 openings so you can feed the birds longer and you can accommodate more birds at the same time.

Get ready to hang this feeder on a tree in your area as this feeder has a top ring where you can hang it from a strong branch or you can use a hanging pole that you can plant on the ground for stability.

Triple Tube Bird Feeder: What To Look For When Buying

When buying a triple tube bird feeder, there are some things that you need to know. Some of the basics apply to these just as with regular single tube versions. However, there are some other factors to consider, such as:

Construction and Durability

One of the things that you need to consider is the durability of the feeder. Some are constructed with metal and some are made with plastic. The metal versions are more likely to be more protected from squirrels rather than the plastic ones.

If you have heavy traffic of squirrels, I suggest that you get a feeder with metal bases so that they cannot chew through the feeder and ultimately destroy it forcing you to buy another one.

Some also have pre-drilled drainage holes at the base of the feeder to ensure the freshness of the seeds. Seeds in these types of feeders tend to last longer than those without these pre-drilled drainage holes.

Large Capacity

Many birdwatchers shop for a triple tube bird feeder due to its large capacity to store seed, thereby minimize refills. This is also great for those that want the option to provide three independent seed options. This gives the flexibility for various bird seed combinations. Be sure to check out customer reviews when making your products selection.


If you are thinking that triple tube feeders are harder to clean because there are three times more tubes, then you are wrong. Cleaning this seed feeder is as simple as cleaning their single tube relatives.

The tops are very simple to remove as they are screwed on and you only need to rotate the top to remove it. Once that’s clear all you need is some warm water and a brush to clean it. For molds and other particles, a stronger solution might be needed but it’s not as hard as cleaning a single tube.

Hanging / Installation

Just so we’re clear, triple tubers are heavier than their single tube relatives. They can hold more seed and nuts than their single counterparts. Just make sure that the branch can carry the weight.

There are also pole mount options that are available. If you opt for the pole mount, be sure to install the pole firmly into the ground to prevent any issues.

Frequently Asked Questions About 3 Tube Bird Feeders

How do I clean my triple tube bird feeder?

Cleaning your triple tube bird feeder is very easy. Most cap locking systems of these feeders are generally the same. The first thing to do is to make sure that your feeder is empty so that you don’t waste any of the seeds. The second thing is to unscrew the cap of your triple tube feeder to reveal the tubes and the parts. Next is to grab a pail of water and add some cleaning solution to it.

You are going to need a long cleaning brush to clean the tubes. Brush the inside of the tubes and make sure that you get all the seeds that get stuck in your feeders, Once brushed and no seeds remain, rinse with some warm water to remove the soap suds. Let it air dry before putting it all back together.

We suggest cleaning your tubes regularly to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria that may cause the birds to get sick.

You can use any type of seed for your feeder. It all generally boils down to what kind of birds you are trying to attract. But the most popular bird seeds that are used for triple tube feeders are:

Black Oil Sunflower Seed

These seeds can attract many different types of birds. It has high oil content that appeals to a majority of bird species.

Nyjer (Nyger)

Nyjer, also known as thistle, are long, black, elongated seeds that are oil-rich, high-fat, and high-protein. Smaller birds favor these seeds like siskins, goldfinches, redpolls, and juncos.

Safflower Seeds

These are grown around the world, especially in Asia and Africa, are preferred by doves, titmice, and cardinals, though other songbirds will also feed on safflower seeds if sunflower seeds are not available.

You would want to fill up the tubes based on the demographic of birds in your area and what types of birds you want to attract. Also, you can contemplate using mixed seed as an option. With some slight modifications to your feeders, can easily change from serving mixed seed to other types of seed, such as Nyjer,

How do I hang my triple tube bird feeder?

If you want a hanging bird feeder make sure that you are choosing a location that is not usually hit with strong winds to minimize swaying. This will discourage birds from perching on your feeder.

You would want to hang feeders near cover that birds can use for shelters, such as a brush pile or nearby trees or shrubs. Just make sure that they are not close enough for predators to be concealed and able to attack birds.

To hang your feeder, make sure that your feeder has a ring on top or a wire that allows you to hang them on trees or hooks. Some feeders include S-hooks or J-hooks that are used to hang these feeders. If not, you may need to get yourself one first.

You will also need a cord made out of jute, twine, rope, or chain that is not elastic. Once you have this, then you are ready to hang your feeder.

Hanging on a Tree

If you are hanging it on a tree, make sure that the tree branch is sturdy and will not break with the weight of the feeder.

Hanging on a Hook

If hanging it on a wooden plank in your front porch or backyard porch, make sure the hook that you are using is sturdy enough and is embedded quite well so that it doesn’t fall.

Alternatively, you can also get a shepherd’s hook that you can plant on the ground and hang your feeder there. This will give you the convenience of placing the feeder away from trees with squirrels and other predators.

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