Where to Place An Oriole Feeder (Proven Methods)

December 19, 2021 // 8 minutes read // 528 Shares

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Where To Place An Oriole Feeder

Bird feeder placement is a significant factor in attracting birds. If the birds don’t like where you’ve placed their bird feeders, there’s a high chance that they won’t even bother to visit that feeder anymore. 

For a Baltimore oriole, it’s essential to keep their bird feeders away from direct sunlight. Because food for orioles is mainly fresh fruits or jelly, keeping the food under shade will keep the food from spoiling early.

In this article, we’ll go over the proper oriole feeder placement. We’ll talk about: 

  • Oriole feeder placement timing
  • The best oriole feeder placement
  • More tips on bird feeder placement
  • FAQs

If you’re interested in attracting these birds, read on and know how to hang an oriole feeder properly. 

Oriole Feeder Placement Timing

Orioles are migratory. This means that they breed in one area and winter in a different one. For this reason, you must put out bird feeders for them before they even arrive. 

These birds are very particular about timing. When they pass by your home and don’t see any bird feeders hanging up, they’ll skip it and won’t bother going back to see if there will be food the next time they visit. 

Once these birds settle in one area, they won’t leave that area anymore. 

Generally, bird watchers put out oriole feeders as early as March to late or mid-May. But if you want to make sure that you can catch them, hanging bird feeders in early April would be fine. 

The Best Oriole Feeder Placement

Now, when hanging oriole feeders outside, you need to remember these four things: 

  • Out in the open
  • Near oriole-friendly trees
  • Near oriole-friendly flowers and bushes
  • Near a running water source

Now, let’s discuss the importance of these areas… 

Out In The Open

Placing oriole feeders out in the open will make it easier for orioles to see them while they’re flying back for winter or spring. As these birds usually look for food while flying on top of trees, you should place the feeder in an area where it would immediately catch the eyes of the orioles. 

But remember, place the feeders in an open space, but be sure to place them strategically in a way that the sun doesn’t hit it directly. This way, the food won’t go spoiled or moldy easily. 

Near Oriole Friendly Trees

Speaking of shade, it’s also good to place oriole feeders near oriole-friendly trees. 

As orioles can be picky with their food, they can also be particular in the trees they want to nest in. And having those trees around your backyard helps you attract the birds easily. 

Some of the most popular trees they love are: 

  • Oak Tree
  • Maple Tree
  • Sycamore Tree
  • Elms
  • Cottonwood
  • Willow

Mainly mature mast-producing trees as they provide great shade and a sturdy structure for nest building. 

Placing the oriole feeder near these trees will ensure that the feeder remains protected from getting hit by direct sunlight. In other words, the trees help keep fruits fresh longer. Trees will also shield feeders from strong winds that may cause food to spill. 

Near Oriole Friendly Flowers and Bushes

Besides placing feeders near trees oriole love, you can also put them near oriole-friendly flowers and bushes. 

Having orioles’ favorite flowers and bushes around your feeders helps attract orioles more. It will even be nicer if you plant orange flowers specifically as these birds love orange flowers. Fruit-producing bushes are also a great addition as they also serve as a food source. 

Some flowers and bushes you can add are: 

And so much more! Your choices are endless. 

Other than attracting orioles, these plants can also help protect orioles. With flowers and bushes around, orioles can easily hide from predators. At the same time, these plants can serve as great resting areas too. 

Near A Running Water Source

Finally, it’s nice if you have a running water source near your bird feeder. 

Orioles love taking a bath. In fact, their habitats are often near water sources such as river edges. 

If you plan to install a birdbath, it’s nice to opt for one that is bubbling. This way, the birds would hear the sound of running water, and would be attracted to it, and would easily find your bird feeder. 

Check out our buying guide to help you select the best birdbath for your garden & backyard.

More Tips On Bird Feeder Placement

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Nectar Feeder Fermentation Issues

One thing to keep in mind when using oriole bird feeders that dispense nectar is to make sure the nectar is not older than 2-3 days. Nectar that sits too long will start to ferment and this will lead to enlarged livers in Orioles.

Make sure to replace nectar every 2-3 days and when doing so, be sure to throughly clean your oriole bird feeders.

Keep Bird Feeders Away From Windows

Orioles may not be one of the most common birds that die because of colliding with windows. However, it’s still best to put into consideration your windows when hanging bird feeders up. check out our article, “How To Help A Bird Who Has Flown Into A Window” if you do have a bird that is hurt by colliding with a window.

The general rule is to hang bird feeders within 3 feet from your windows or more than 10 feet away. The reason here is that when the bird feeders are within 3 feet, the impact won’t be fatal even if they hit the window. And if it’s more than 10 feet away, birds will still have time to notice the window. 

Avoid Noisy Areas

Another important thing is to avoid noisy areas. Orioles are shy birds. They won’t like being disturbed while eating, so if possible, keep feeders away from your home and other sites that are prone to noisy human activities. 

Keep Away From Other Bird Feeders

The general rule is to keep bird feeders at least 10 feet away from each other. 

Orioles can be aggressive in their territory, so they won’t appreciate seeing another oriole feeding on a bird feeder next to them. So, make sure you put some distance to offer safety to every oriole that visits your backyard. 

Oriole Bird Eating Food
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Photo by Patrice Bouchard on Unsplash

FAQs on Oriole Feeder Placement

How high off the ground should an oriole feeder be? 

Because orioles love sugary food like fruits, nectar, mealworms, and jelly, there’s a high chance that other animals are interested in these foods as well. So, the main thing you can do to prevent other critters from getting near the feeder is by hanging the feeder high off the ground. 

At best, you should put oriole feeders at least seven feet off the ground. You should also keep it away from any walls or feeder poles that are accessible to these animals. 

When is the best time to put out the oriole feeders? 

You should start putting out the feeders before orioles even begin arriving in your area. At best, you should put the feeders out by late March or early April. This way, when the birds come around the month of May, your backyard is ready to greet them. 

Can you put oriole feeders near other bird feeders? 

Orioles are shy birds, and they can also be very aggressive to other birds that enter their territory. For this reason, you need to hang oriole feeders away from other bird feeders to help prevent any fight between birds. 

How do you prevent insects from accessing oriole feeders? 

Because you’re feeding orioles sugary products, it’s best to put some insect guard or ant moat in the feeding ports. This way, no insects can get in, and the product will stay fresh. 

How long does it take for orioles to find the bird feeder? 

The right answer is: It depends. 

Just like with other birds, there’s no knowing when they would find the bird feeders, even if you hung them in the most likable places. The only option you have is to wait for orioles to find them. And if they don’t find the bird feeders this season, you might find them again next time. 

Final Thoughts On Oriole Feeder Placement

Orioles are undeniably one of the most attractive birds that visit our backyard. So, making sure that your bird feeder placement game is strong would help you attract these birds for sure.

Again, you should remember four things when hanging orioles feeders. They should be placed: 

  • Out in open areas
  • Near oriole-friendly trees, flowers, and bushes
  • Near a running water source
  • Away from noisy areas

Follow these along with other techniques, and surely, orioles will visit your backyard in no time. 

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