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The cardinal is believed to be a lucky bird. They’re also thought to be a visitor from heaven. Some cultures believe them to be able to predict the weather, and there are Native American cultures who believe that if a cardinal crosses your path, romance may be coming into your life. Below is our listing of the 5 best Cardinal bird feeders that actually work.

Top 5 Best Cardinal Bird Feeders That Work

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Squirrel Buster Standard Squirrel-proof Bird Feeder w/4 Metal Perches, 1.3-pound Seed Capacity
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Squirrel Buster Standard Squirrel-proof Bird Feeder w/4 Metal Perches, 1.3-pound Seed Capacity
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  • NEED FOR CLEARANCE: hang providing an 18-inch/47-cm CLEARANCE on all sides.
  • CHEW PROOF: all feeder parts exposed to squirrels are made of chew proof materials.
  • NO TOOLS REQUIRED: our feeders are designed to be dismantled by hand into individual components without the use of tools.
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Perky-Pet 363 Birds and Berries Lantern Feeder
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Perky-Pet 363 Birds and Berries Lantern Feeder
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  • 4 feeding ports with bird preferred u-shaped perches
  • Rust resistant black powder coated finish
  • Holds up to 2.5 lbs of seed
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Woodlink Absolute II Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeder Model 7536
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  • Double sided attracts more birds
  • Large 2 gallon (12 lb.) capacity
  • No waste seed saver baffle
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Window Bird Feeder - Strong Suction Cups - Clear Weatherproof Acrylic, Extra Large Lock in Place Seed Tray, Drain Holes - Wild/Bluebird/Finch/Cardinal/Bird Feeder Kit
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Window Bird Feeder - Strong Suction Cups - Clear Weatherproof Acrylic, Extra Large Lock in Place Seed Tray, Drain Holes - Wild/Bluebird/Finch/Cardinal/Bird Feeder Kit
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How To Attract Cardinals To Your Backyard

The cardinal is a cheerful little bird who will happily spend their entire lives within just a few square miles. Because they don’t migrate, they will need access to food and water in any season. If you love cardinals and want them in your yard, you’ll need to determine the best way to be an excellent cardinal host.

Feed Them Well

A family of these cheery red birds can help you reach your garden goals. While you’ll want to put out seeds using the best cardinal bird feeders to attract them, once they arrive, they can help you control bug populations as well. They will feast on crickets, beetles, flies, and cicadas.

They prefer to feed early in the morning and as the sun is going down, and they’re not especially bold. If you see them in your garden, be still and let them get used to your presence. If you try to get too close, they may feel threatened and be slow to return.

Your purchased food choices for the cardinal will need to include high energy foods. For a base, mix:

  • black oil sunflower seeds
  • safflower seeds, and
  • dried berries

Safflower seeds serve two purposes: They keep cardinals coming back for more, and squirrels will avoid them.

Squirrels are determined little critters who have plenty of time throughout the day to figure out a way to get into even the best cardinal bird feeders. You can purchase squirrel-proof feeders, but these often only increase the challenge. By providing food that your local cardinal will love and your local squirrel population will not, you can use the feeders you have and still keep the birds happy.

Come winter, these adorable red birds will need more energy to stay warm, so add suet chunks to the tray. Keep an eye on these and stop adding suet as the temperatures warm; after too many hot days, this product may turn rancid.

Feed Them In Safety

Cardinals are a bit shy about eating, so make sure your feeder has a deep tray and a cover, or place it within the protection of greenery to give the birds a sense of safety. Choosing the best cardinal bird feeders and selecting the best placement of the feeders is a must in order to attract them.

The best location is between 5 and 6 feet above the ground. They’ll also feed on the ground, so if you are having a hard time drawing them to your feeder, scatter some of their favorite seed on the ground to get them to stop by and look around.

These birds aren’t large, but they will need a place to stop, feed, and rest. They’ll also need water. Look for a water container that you can easily manage over one that’s particularly large or ornate. When the water gets stagnant, you’ll need to be able to dump it out, and some watering trays can be cumbersome when full.

If you live in a region where it gets cold enough to freeze the water in the birdbath, consider adding a warmer to the basin. You can find solar-powered and battery-powered bird bath heaters that will keep the water open and not require you to run an electrical wire out to the birdbath.

Provide Them A Home

Best Cardinal Bird Feeders - Cardinal on a branch

If you’re lucky, your guests will be so happy with their food selection that they’ll build a nest and stay. If you don’t have a tree, such as an arborvitae or spruce, don’t despair. These birds will happily nest in a rose bush or a hearty grapevine. Provide them with shelter and protection, and you can enjoy watching them nest twice a summer for years to come.

The nesting site will need shelter and protection. If you’re planting a fast-growing grapevine for cardinal-fostering, make sure you put it somewhere you can let it get a little wild. Let the growth get thick enough that the birds can build in seclusion.

Don’t Forget Nest Building Materials

If you have a compost pile loaded with grass clippings and pine needles, your favorite red bird will have the supplies they need to start their construction project. If you have pets that can access your yard unsupervised, do what you can to keep them away from the areas where you’re hoping to host a cardinal family. The birds will see a stalking cat or a barking dog as a threat and move.

Additionally, avoid using reflective material in your yard. These birds can get quite territorial and will attack any reflection of themselves in the space. If you have reflective products on your windows to repel heat, make sure you put screens over them to break up the reflection.

FAQs About Cardinals

Attracting Cardinals to your back yard is always fun. Here are a few frequently asked questions about Cardinals.

What Kind Of Seeds Do Cardinals Prefer?

Sunflower seeds (raw, unsalted), crushed peanuts, fresh unsalted lard, oats, millet, wheat. You can put slices of apples in the feeder; many birds are very willing to peck them. Your choice of the best cardinal bird feeders will play a part in the type of food you provide.

If you are not lazy, you can make a nutritious cupcake. To do this, you will need raw lard (beef or pork). It needs to be cut into pieces and heated over a slow fire. Then you take a silicone cake mold, fill it with seeds, and pour melted fat. Let it freeze, take it out of the mold, and hang it on a string on a tree or balcony. Cardinals will be very happy.

Birds are very difficult to digest bread. Bread has too much protein and fat; it fills the stomach but does not give enough energy. Nothing salty should be given to birds also. It is not needed to feed birds wasted cereals or seeds. No need to approach the birds by cookies, muffins, potato chips.

Do I Need To Clean My Cardinal Bird Feeder And How Do I Do It?

A bunker feeder or bird feeder should be cleaned periodically, since droppings, feathers, etc. carry various diseases that can lead to infection and even birds’ death. The best cardinal bird feeders will be easier to clean than lesser quality feeders.

During the warm period, the feed in the feeder can rot or become moldy; then, it must be replaced. The feeder-pad should be wiped or washed with water from time to time. It is not recommended to use household chemicals for this purpose.

Although bird-borne diseases are usually not dangerous to humans, use gloves when washing, and then wash your hands.

Should I Stop Feeding Cardinals During The Summer Or Winter?

It is not recommended to feed birds in the summer, because the birds do not need it. Moreover, during the feeding period, the nestlings need natural and varied food. It is not worth it without the need to intervene in natural processes.
Seeds are a kind of fast food for birds, which can help birds survive the frosty winter, but not in the summer. It is important to note that birds usually start asking people for food in October-November. They come to the feeder and look as if they demand. At this time, the birds begin to have problems with food production.

You have to help them survive, not take them on food, making them helpless. Fill the feeder once a day and do not give in to the desire to add just a little more to the birds.

How Can I Keep Squirrels Off My Cardinal Bird Feeders?

These creatures are quite smart, and it is very difficult to overcome them. High intelligence and abilities allow them to reach any feeder or get deep-set bulbs out of the ground. Insidious animal plans are brought to life with the help of strong paws: they easily jump from branch to branch, cling to wires and dig entire burrows.

Squirrels are known for their economy and hoarding. However, they are not opposed to plundering other people’s food caches. Especially before it got to the birds who found empty feeders. Now the squirrel is waiting for an unpleasant surprise in the feeders.

In order for squirrels not to ruin bird feeders, new technologies came up with a device called “Yankee flipper.” This is a Hoop on a hinge around the feeder. The bird can jump on it safely. On the other hand, the sly squirrel, catching on to it with its paws, begins to spin wildly and flies away into the distance.

Should I Offer Cardinals Water Via A Birdbath?

The choice of sites for water treatments is very important. After all, birds will only use the baths if they feel safe because birds are usually more vulnerable during bathing than at other times. A shady place is preferable since water quickly evaporates in the sun.

The 360° viewing bath allows birds to keep an eye on predators. Place or hang it close enough to trees or bushes. Ensure that the birds have a clear view of the surrounding area from shrubs and trees nearby while swimming to report the alarm.

Make sure that cats can’t attack bathing birds, and for safety, cover the bath with a thick layer of cut prickly plants or install the tub in a thicket of thorny bushes, such as roses, briars, hawthorn, barberry.

Try placing the bath at various points throughout the garden to find the most popular, convenient, safe, and comfortable place.

Many birds are dying during times of drought, trying to use water for drinking from the barrels and gutters for water drainage. If the barrels cannot be covered, branches or boards can be placed in the rain barrels so that the birds can sit, drink, and even partially bathe in safety.

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