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Owl Life Expectancy: How Long Do They Live?

As animals who are always shown as higher beings in movies, owls are like many other birds. They’re beautiful, fascinating to look at, but unfortunately, they don’t live too long. I always wondered, how long do owls live and set out to find the answer… The average life expectancy of owls … Read more

image of a bart owl

Why Do Owls Hoot At Sunrise & Sunset?

Different birds create different sounds, and owls are known for their hooting. But as most owls are nocturnal, it’s still a wonder for most people why they hear owls hooting at sunrise and sunset.  Like many other birds, owls hoot for different reasons, including protecting their territory, during courtship, when … Read more

why do owls hoot
Birds That Migrate Incredible Distances

8 Bird Species That Migrate Incredible Distances

As winter approaches, we notice how some birds in our area start leaving and arriving. It’s a yearly cycle, and it has always been fascinating to watch.  However, have you ever wondered where the birds go?  Well, some may stay within the area, others may travel a little bit far, … Read more

8 migratory birds
image of wild geese

How Birds Form Complex Societies

As a bird watcher, I’ve always found birds interesting to watch, and there’s certainly so much to learn about them. One thing that I’ve always been curious about is how their social structure works.  If you’ve been observing birds so long in bird feeders, you have probably observed how tight … Read more

bird social structure pin

The Definitive Guide To Bird Feeder Placement

Learn Everything You Need To Know About Where To Place Bird Feeders In Your Yard For Best Results – Great For Novices And Experienced Birdwatchers Bird feeding is more than just giving the birds the right food or getting the best bird feeders. It’s also about knowing where to place … Read more

image of homemade birdseed cake shaped like a heart

The Most Popular Bird Seed Cakes You Can Make At Home

Are you tired of paying top dollar for store-bought birdseed and suet cakes? Do you want to know how to make birdseed cakes at home? I personally wanted to see if I could save a couple of bucks by making my own birdseed cake creations. So, I dove headfirst into … Read more

bird seed cake
Storing Bird Seed

The Most Well-Rounded Answer For How To Store Bird Seed

Opening a bag of birdseed and discovering that it has spoiled or gone stale gets exhausting really quickly. It’s so frustrating to spend your hard-earned money, only to see it go to waste. I feel your pain and I’ve personally struggled enough to research this topic. So, I’ve decided to … Read more

Storing Bird Seed
prevent squirrels from eating on bird feeders

17 Proven Methods To Keep Squirrels Away From Bird Feeders

Complete Guide On How To Keep Squirrels Away From Bird Feeders In Your Back Yard! Squirrels are lovely creatures, and I do love watching them crawling on the ground and doing their own thing. However, once those squirrels start climbing up trees and into my bird feeders, that’s when they … Read more

squirrel proofing bird feeders
homemade birdseed ornament

Tried-And-True Directions For How To Make Bird Seed Ornaments

Have you ever wondered how some people have a knack for making beautiful birdseed ornaments? These amazing creations certainly caught my eye and grabbed my attention. I decided to learn how to make birdseed ornaments by searching far and wide online, and I’d like to share everything I learned with … Read more

Making Bird Seed Ornaments
Best Ways To Make Bird Seed Cakes Without Gelatin

Expert Guide On How To Make Bird Seed Cakes Without Gelatin

Is it frustrating to see your homemade bird seed cakes melting in the summer sun? Gelatin turns out to be a major culprit because it melts too easily in the heat. So I asked myself “How To Make Bird Seed Cakes Without Gelatin?. I hunted for new gelatin-free bird seed … Read more

Best Ways To Make Bird Seed Cakes Without Gelatin
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