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how do birds mate

How Do Birds Mate? Mating Age, Seasons, And More

Since birds are vulnerable to many dangers nature offers, mating is probably one of the most important things they do. It’s the one thing that can ensure the survival of their species.  Have you ever seen birds mating?  If you’re a frequent bird watcher who goes out to hike to … Read more

bird behavior before a storm

How Bird Behavior Before A Storm Can Help You Predict The Weather!

Before the age of sophisticated technology where we now have barometers, weather balloons, weather satellites, and a lot more tools to predict the weather, humans depended a lot on the behavior of birds to predict when a storm is coming.  This is exactly why we heard some common bird proverbs … Read more

Evolution Of Feathers

Evolution Of Feathers – What Came First? Birds Or Feathers?

Birds are known as the only animals that have feathers. It’s what makes them unique from all other animals. But would you believe that feathers actually came way before them?  Research suggests that feathers appeared 100 million years before birds. This means that they have come from the time of … Read more

Bird Beaks Adaptations

Bird Beaks Adaptations & Remarkable Evolution Over Time

If you’re a bird watcher, one thing you’ll notice when you look at birds outside your window is their beaks. There are small beaks like the sparrows, long beaks like the hummingbirds, large beaks like that of the birds of prey, and even specialized beaks for certain bird species.  But … Read more

How do birds stay warm in winter

How Do Wild Birds Keep Warm in Winter & Survive?

Winter is a fun season with lots of fun activities to do – we can build snowmen, ice skate, snowball fight, and even build snow forts. But at night, when the cold becomes too much to bear, even wrapping yourself in a thick blanket or sipping hot choco seems not … Read more

Bluebird Feeder Plans

How To Build A Bluebird Feeder **DIY (FREE Plans Available)

Do you want to attract bluebirds to your backyard? If so, you’ll need a bluebird feeder, ideally one that can hold meal worms to feed bluebirds. Here, I will give you step by step instructions on how to create your very own bluebird feeder with our unique bluebird feeder plans, … Read more

Hummingbird Flying

How Do Hummingbirds Fly?

If you’ve been attracting hummingbirds in your backyard, you’ve undoubtedly been amazed by their flying skills.  These birds are the only ones that can fly backward and sideways, hover, and even fly in the rain. But have you ever wondered how these birds fly? What makes their flying so different … Read more

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