How To Attract Blue Jays

Discover How To Attract Blue Jays Using Foolproof Strategies

Some birdwatchers feel that blue jays are too aggressive, but I’m not one of them. Quite the opposite since I’ve tried, failed and tried again to attract them to my backyard. After getting fed up beyond belief, I researched the topic, learned their likes and dislikes, and I began to … Read more

Blue Jays Birds

Blue Jays: Birdwatching Guide, Facts, Identifying & More

How To Identify Blue Jays Both male and female blue jays birds are a cerulean blue on the top or back half of their bodies and have white bellies. The males tend to be larger. Their heads have a small cap of blue feathers. The wings are barred or striped … Read more

Blue Jays Birds
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