Have You Ever Wondered Why Cardinals Like To Come Out In The Snow?

why do cardinals come out in the winter

Whether you’re a first-time birdwatcher or a long-time enthusiast, cardinals are a wonderful addition to any backyard, and the first time you see their fantastic red plumage contrasting with the white snow you’ll be hooked. So, why don’t they migrate?  I’ve always loved cardinals and have done extensive research on them and their nesting, eating,…

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Cardinals: Bird Watching Guide, Facts, Identifying & More

Best Cardinal Bird Feeders - Cardinal on a branch

If you live in North America, chances are that you have seen a cardinal in some way, shape, or form. One of the most ubiquitous members of the bird family to inhabit this geographic region, the cardinal is familiar, beloved and an object of great interest to ornithologists and birdwatching enthusiasts. But its appeal extends…

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Best Cardinal Birdhouses

best cardinal birdhouses

If you start looking for the best Cardinal birdhouses, you’ll be disappointed. Cardinals do not like to next in enclosed spaces. They are considered an “open-nester” bird and will be much more at home nesting in a structure that is well protected but open. A nesting shelf is a better alternative than a traditional birdhouse…

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