eagle owl

Horned owl

The horned owl and eagle-owl are both members of the Bubo genus. The horned owl possesses the scientific name Bubo virginianus. And the Eagle-owl, better known as the Eurasian Eagle-owl, has the scientific name Bubo bubo. Other names for the horned owl include the Tiger Owl, the Winged Tiger, or

barred owl

Barred owl

The barred owl possesses the scientific name better known as Strix varia. This bird is considered a true owl and it’s a member of the Strigidae family of birds. Although the most common name for this bird is the barred owl, it has other names as well. Some of his

screech owl

Screech owl

The screech owl has a scientific name called Megascops and it’s a beautiful bird with a large head, a yellow beak, large yellow eyes, and white eyebrows. It has tufts of feathers at the top of its head that makes it look like horns are sticking out. It also has

eastern screech owl

Eastern screech owl

The Eastern screech owl, scientifically known as Megascops asio, is a member of the Strigidae family. This family of owls is known as the true owls. While Eastern screech owl is its only common name, it’s occasionally spelled with a hyphen, making it Eastern screech-owl. This relatively small common owl

Great horned owl

The great horned owl, also known as bubo virginianus, is part of the Strigidae family and it’s considered a true owl. Another commonly known name for this creature is the tiger owl, which early naturalists originally described as a “Tiger of the Air” or “Winged Tiger”. Still, other individuals have

snowy owl

Snowy owl

The snowy owl is a member of the true owl family better known as Strigidae. This gorgeous bird is known by a number of names including Arctic fowl, white owl, and polar owl. It’s large, white, and a relatively heavy member of the owl species. For the most part, you’ll

barn owl

Barn owl

The barn owl is a well-known bird. In fact, out of every bird species, the barn owl is the most widespread of them all. It can be found in just about every place except for desert and polar regions, the majority of Indonesia, parts of the Pacific islands, and north

Pileated Woodpecker

Pileated woodpecker

The Pileated Woodpecker is one of the largest and most striking forest birds found in North America. They are almost the size of crows and are known as the largest woodpeckers in North America. They are found in many habitats, including areas near human settlements like parks or even edges

Northern Flicker

Northern flicker

The Northern Flicker is a widespread bird in North America. They are clean and neat-looking with a gentle expression written on their faces. There are two forms – the Yellow-shafted Flicker and the Red-shafted Flicker, and in this article, we’re going to learn more about these birds.  We’ll discuss:  So

Red-naped Sapsucker

Red-naped sapsucker

The Red-naped Sapsucker are woodpeckers that love the sweet taste of sugar or sap. When you walk across the forest and find a tree with rows of tiny holes drilled in tree bark, then there’s a big possibility that that’s the work of a Red-naped Sapsucker.  Sometimes, you can also

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