Red-winged Blackbird closeup view

Red-winged Blackbird: Bird Identification, Habits, Facts, Nesting

The Red-winged Blackbird is known to be one of the most abundant bird species across North America. Their beautiful glossy black bodies with red patches are a great sight to see in summer. You’ll also often see them gathered in flocks by the roadsides and even in telephone wires, sometimes … Read more

Common Grackle on rock

Common Grackle – Everything You Ever Wanted To Know!

The Common Grackle is a large blackbird that tends to be taller and longer than most of its kind. Their tail is nearly half their length, and they have a unique color pattern. These birds would appear black from afar, but getting near them, you will notice a brassy bronze … Read more

Baltimore Oriole landing

Baltimore Oriole: Bird Identification, Habits, Facts, Nesting

The Baltimore Oriole, also known as Maryland’s state bird, is a brilliantly colored songbird that wears a bright-colored orange plumage. They were initially considered the same species as the Bullock’s Oriole and was known as the Northern Oriole. These birds are known as backyard feeders and are easily attracted to … Read more

Baltimore Oriole
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