Male Purple Finch

Purple Finch: Bird Identification, Habits, Facts, Nesting

The Purple Finch is known as the “sparrow dipped in raspberry juice” because of its reddish color. They have a very similar resemblance to House Finches but appear to be redder. They are irregular backyard visitors in winter as their movements would usually depend on the food sources. In this … Read more

Purple Finch
Evening Grosbeak side view

Evening Grosbeak: Bird Identification, Habits, Facts, Nesting

The Evening Grosbeak is a large finch that wears a rich-golden color. They are fascinating to watch in winter when they usually gather in large flocks, filling the area with bright yellow color. As their name implies, these birds feature a large beak that they use to crush seeds, which … Read more

House Finch singing

House Finch: Bird Identification, Habits, Facts, Nesting

The House Finch is common across North America as well as in Hawaii. They are newly introduced in the eastern part of the United States but have received a warm welcome because of their beautiful red colors. They also feature short, thick bills and are similar in shape to other … Read more

American Goldfinch

American Goldfinch: Bird Identification, Habits, Facts, Nesting

American Goldfinches are one of the most common birds found throughout the US. They are also one of the easiest to attract in your open backyard. As they are granivores, they mainly eat seeds, with thistle being the favorite. Males typically come brighter yellow than females, but both are pale … Read more

American Goldfinch
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