Birdwatching elf owl

Elf owl

The elf owl is a member of the owl family Strigidae with many different nicknames. It’s also known as Sanford’s elf owl, Texas elf owl, and Whitney’s elf owl. In North America, two of the four recognized elf owl species are located and live here. The Texas elf owl resides

Ferruginous Pygmy Owl

Ferruginous pygmy owl

The Ferruginous Pygmy Owl is an owl very prevalent in the United States, all of North America, and parts of Central America. It can be found along Mexico’s southern Arizona and West Coast. It’s also easy to find them in the southern Texas area and in South Mexico going all

northern saw-whet owl

Northern saw-whet owl

The Northern Saw-Whet Owl is a bird species with a number of other common names. Their names include White-Fronted Owl, Saw-Filer, Queen Charlotte Owl, Whetsaw, Sparrow Owl, and Kirkland’s Owl. What’s the reason behind the name? Well, these beautiful creatures with yellow eyes and a large round head also sound

short-eared owl

Short-eared owl

The short-eared owl is a beautiful bird species that goes by a number of other names including prairie owl, marsh owl, and grass owl. Their names are derived from the type of territory that these majestic creatures like to dwell in. They prefer open country, low scrublands, marshes, and grasslands.

boreal owl

Boreal owl

The boreal owl has a number of other common names including sparrow owl, Richardson’s owl, Tengmalm’s owl, Arctic saw-whet, and funeral owl. This small owl doesn’t possess any ear tufts as many other owls do. The female and male members of the species both have very similar plumage.  Generally, the

long-eared owl

Long-eared owl

The long-eared owl, otherwise known as the cat owl or lesser horned owl, is a species of medium-size. As an owl species, it is considered one particular species with an extensive breeding range. From a scientific standpoint, the actual name of this bird species is A. otus and it’s a

western screech owl

Western screech owl

The Western screech owl, also known by the scientific name Megascops kennicottii, is an owl that goes by other monikers. Some other common names for this gorgeous bird include Yuma screech owl, Pasadena screech owl, California screech owl, Kennicott’s screech owl, Guadalupe screech owl, and Vinaceous screech owl. It isn’t

spotted owl

Spotted owl

Spotted owls are very popular birds although their overall population numbers are beginning to decrease. They aren’t considered in danger of becoming extinct yet, but there is cause for concern. There are three specific subspecies of spotted owls. There are northern spotted owls, California spotted owls, and Mexican spotted owls.

tawny owl

Tawny owl

Tawny owls are interesting creatures, to say the least. In the past, many people considered the hooting and screeching of tawny owls as a bad omen. In fact, they looked at it as the omen of death. This owl didn’t always go by the name tawny owl. It was actually

great grey owl

Great grey owl

The Great Grey Owl, otherwise known as Strix nebulosa, is a very popular bird that goes by many other names. Some other popular options include the Great Grey Ghost and the Phantom of the North. For the most part, the Great Grey Owl can be mostly found nesting in dense

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