Top 10 Reasons Why Birds Are Not Using Your Bird Bath

birds not using bird bath

Does it seem like your neighborhood birds not using bird bath? This is a serious problem for avid bird watchers looking to attract fine feathered friends to their aviary paradise. I’ve figured out 10 reasons why this may be happening and I’ll share them with you today. Birds might not use your bird bath for…

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Solar Glass Garden Bird Bath – The Definitive Review

Solar Lighted Peacock Bird Bath

I care about my readers and I never want to leave you high and dry. That’s why I put together this definitive review of the Solar Glass Garden Bird Bath. What makes this product so special? That’s what I aim to answer throughout the review. I cover a number of critical topics revolving around this…

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SmartSolar Solar Birdbath

SmartSolar Solar Birdbath Water Feature Fountain

I’ve left nothing to chance in this thorough and definitive review of the SmartSolar Solar Birdbath. Throughout the review, you’ll discover that I covered this product from every angle and touched upon the following: How it was designed How easy it is to assemble How easy it is to clean How aesthetically appealing it is…

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