How To Hang A Bird Feeder Between Two Trees

March 27, 2021 // 8 minutes read // 60 Shares

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hanging bird feeders between two trees

Hanging bird feeders on a tree is a pretty simple task. And, so is hanging a bird feeder on something like Shepherd’s pole. However, hanging bird feeders between two trees is a little bit more complicated. I will show you step-by-step how to hang a bird feeder between two trees in this article, complete with a video demonstrating how I did this.

To hang a bird feeder between two trees, you will need to install stainless steel eye screws in both trees. Then, install vinyl-coated wire attached to both eye screws. Finally, secure mounting hooks for your bird feeders so they do not slide along the wire.

In this article, I will show you the step-by-step process of how I accomplish this task. Here you will see:

  • How to set up a wire between two trees to hang bird feeders
  • How to secure your bird feeder hooks so they don’t slide on the wire
  • Tips on the best placement for your bird feeders
  • Frequently asked questions

So, let’s jump right into it!

Installing Bird Feeders Between Two Trees, A Step By Step Guide

Installing bird feeders between two trees is not hard. However, it may require you to spend a little bit of money to buy the materials you’d need from your nearest hardware store or online. 

So, before we go through the step-by-step instructions, here’s the list of the things you’d need to hang a bird feeder: 

In the video below, you’ll see the step-by-step process of how I installed the bird feeders with the help of these materials. You might also need a drill, a socket set, a wire cutter, and of course, a ladder.

Once you’ve already gathered your materials and all set to hang your bird feeders and start bird watching from the comfort of your home.

Step 1: Installing Eye Screws In Trees

After you’ve gathered all the materials you need, the first thing you should do is install the eye screws or the eye bolt. This is commonly used when attaching cables, which is why it’s perfect for this task. 

stainless steel eye screws to hang bird feeders between two trees
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To install the eye screws, you would need to drill into the trees where you plan to install the bird feeders in between. Make sure that you choose healthy trees. 

It’s best to note that you don’t have to use large-sized eye screws for this. In my case, I used a ¼” x 3” lag screw eye bolt to ensure that I don’t damage the trees. 


I used stainless steel, marine-grade eye screws so they don’t rust over time.

Step 2: Securing Wire To Both Eye Screws 

wire for hanging bird feeders between 2 trees
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After installing the eye screws, make sure that they’re secured before attaching the wire cable. 

Before attaching the wire cable, cut it first based on your desired length. Measure the distance between two trees plus 12 to 24 inches – that would be the length you’d want to cut your wire rope for. 

To install the wire rope, grab your stainless steel thimble and wire rope clip set. 

wire rope clip and thimble to secure wire between two trees for bird feeders
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First, you need to attach the thimble or the connector to the eye screw. Once done, create a loop with the wire rope and put it around the connector. You’ll notice that a few inches of the wire end will overlap with the other, and this is when you’ll use the wire rope clip or your anchors to secure the wire rope in place. 

You can use as many rope clips as you’d like to ensure that the wire rope won’t come loose. If you can see in my video, I even use three. 

Once you’re done, do the same on the other end of the wire. 

Step 3: Installing Hooks For Your Bird Feeders

After you’ve secured your wire rope, it’s now time to install the hooks for your bird feeders. 

wire rope clip and thimble
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Quick Links To Hang Bird Feeders From Wire
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Grab a stainless steel quick link and place it right below the wire rope cable. Then, get a wire rope clip to secure the quick link in place. And that’s it! Now, all you need to do is attach more quick links, depending on the number of bird feeders you’d want to hang. 

Once you’re done, you can open the quick links to attach your bird feeders. And if you need to move the bird feeders wider apart or closer together, just simply unfasten the clip, move the quick link, and secure it again. 

Ideal Placement For Bird Feeders

Now that you know how to hang bird feeders between two trees, let’s talk about the location. Naturally, the ideal place is in an area where the birds feel the safest. 

It’s highly recommended to place bird feeders 10-12 feet from suitable shelters like trees, shrubs, or brushes. This way, when they detect a predator coming, they can flee immediately and hide. 

If there are squirrels around, don’t hang feeders very close to trees where squirrels can jump on them. Also, squirrels are pesky creatures… they will eventually learn to walk across your wire to get to the bird feeders.


If you live in area with a lot of squirrels, then invest in some squirrel-proof or squirrel-resistant bird feeders!

At the same time, don’t hang the bird feeders too low, especially if there are plenty of cats around your area. 

It’s also best if you choose a quiet area to hang the bird feeders. Some birds still tend to be very sensitive to noise, and you wouldn’t want to shoo them away. You can also place the bird feeders in an open area where the birds can easily see them. 

Lastly, reduce the risk of window collisions by positioning your bird feeders away from windows. The trick is to get them close enough so you can enjoy watching your backyard birds but in a location where birds won’t fly into your windows.

This is especially true for houses that have windows in rooms on both sides. Houses configured like this have sightlines where you can see the other side of the house, looking through the window. If there is no glare or reflection, birds mistakenly think they can fly “through” the house to get to the other side.

hanging bird feeders between two trees
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Bird Feeder Hanging FAQs

How far should a bird feeder be from a tree?

Hang bird feeders at least six feet away from the trees, though it’s highly recommended to increase the distance to 10-12 feet. This way, you can prevent squirrels from climbing onto the bird feeder and make the birds feel safer because they have shelter to hide into when predators come. 

Does drilling into a tree harm it?

No. Nails or screws generally can’t hurt a tree, especially if you drill into trees the right way. To start, it’s imperative to choose healthy trees to drill into as these trees can easily cope with the stress. 

Added to this, it’s essential to use small nails or screws so you won’t cause a big wound. The material is also very important, so choose rust-proof nails or screws such as stainless steel eye screws. 

Lastly, if possible, limit the amount of holes you drill so as not to stress the tree out. 

How do you attach something to a tree without harming the tree?

As stated above, attaching screws, bolts, or nails won’t harm the trees, especially if the tree is healthy and you’re using rust-proof materials.

However, avoid wrapping anything around the tree like a rope or a belt, as this will definitely kill the tree as it grows. This action “strangles” the tree over time. 

Final Thoughts on Hanging Bird Feeders Between Two Trees

Hanging bird feeders between two trees is a really great idea and gives you the ability to hang multiple bird feeders, spaced apart nicely. At the same time, it helps a lot in saving space, and of course, you can keep a good look at the birds in just one area. 

There is a few steps and preparation involved in hanging bird feeders between two trees but hopefully, with the guide above, you’ll find it easier than expected. The materials used won’t also cause much, and setting this up won’t take more than an hour.

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