U.S. Birding Locations & Resources 

United States Bird Watching Locations 

Looking for a product review for any type of birding accessory? We have compiled a listing of favorite bird watching destinations (free & paid resources) as well as local bird watching clubs.

Simply click the state that you are traveling to or want to visit from the map on this page or the state name below.

On our state birding articles, you can learn about some great places to visit, the types of birds you can expect to see on that trip, as well as GOS coordinates, contact information and more. Enjoy & Happy Birding! 

Birding In Wyoming State Bird - Western meadowlark

Top Places To Birdwatch in Wyoming – Free & Paid Birding Destinations

One of the most exciting things about the state of Wyoming Is Its Size. It’s actually one of the 10 largest states in the United States of America, yet the population is one of the lowest in the nation.  Combine these two situations together and you have one of the

Birding In Wisconsin State Bird - American Robin

Top Places For Birding in Wisconsin – Free & Paid Birding Destinations

Wisconsin is located directly on the border of two Great Lakes, which means the opportunities for birding are immense. Couple this with over 15,000 smaller lakes and it shouldn’t surprise anyone to learn that this is a great state to visit if you want to see shorebirds, wading birds, and

Birding in Washington State Bird American Goldfinch

Top Places To Birdwatch in Washington – Free & Paid Birding Destinations

There’re so many reasons that Washington is a very wonderful state for birding in the US. But in particular, so many birdwatchers appreciate the fact that it has a wide diversity of different environments and habitats to choose from. The state of Washington has a lengthy coastline that provides exposed

birding in utah state bird

Top Places To Birdwatch in Utah – Free & Paid Birding Destinations

Utah is an exciting state to live in or visit if you’re interested in birdwatching. Similar to many of its neighbors in the Southwest, this area is made up of birding habitats including the conifer forests in the Rocky Mountains and the arid desert land. Tourists tend to like visiting

Birding in Texas State Bird - Northern Mockingbird

Top Places To Birdwatch in Texas – Free & Paid Birding Destinations

People living in Texas interested in birdwatching in all things bird related are definitely in for a wonderful treat. The Lone Star State is one of the legendary places to visit for birdwatching in the United States. There are so many different birding habitats all over the place including the

Birding In South Dakota - State Bird - Ring-necked Pheasant

Top Places To Birdwatch in South Dakota – Free & Paid Birding Destinations

Residents and visitors of South Dakota are going to love this place because it’s truly one of the best places to go birdwatching in the entire US. There are so many different opportunities for birding throughout this diverse landscape that it’s hard to pass them up. Even though the majority

Birding In Oregon - State Bird Western Meadowlark

Top Places To Birdwatch in Oregon – Free & Paid Birding Destinations

Bird watching enthusiasts in Oregon may not know this, but this state is recorded as the place with the six highest bird species throughout the 50 states in the US. Or in some cases, it’s even considered the fifth highest state, depending on the particular bird count used. The best

Scissor-tailed flycatcher Oklahoma State Bird

Top Places To Birdwatch in Oklahoma – Free & Paid Birding Destinations

Every birdwatcher living in the South in Oklahoma and the surrounding area is absolutely going to adore this state because it’s truly one of the best places to go to enjoy birding, hiking, and other exciting outdoor activities. It’s also a very underappreciated birding area in the Sooner State, but

Cardinal - Ohio State Bird

Top Places To Birdwatch in Ohio – Free & Paid Birding Destinations

Anyone living in Ohio and particularly the northwestern portion of Ohio knows that this area of the country is considered the warbler capital of the world. Even more exciting, during the spring they host a huge festival and birding event known as “The Biggest Week in American Birding.” I don’t

Birding In North Dakota - State Bird Western Meadowlark

Best Places To Birdwatch in North Dakota – Birding Destinations & Clubs

If you live in North Dakota, you are absolutely in luck because in the United States of America, this state in particular is one of the hottest birding destinations throughout the country. It’s also one of the most underrated locations, which means you get to enjoy the beauty and splendor

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