Best Bluebird Houses

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best bluebird houses

Attracting an Eastern bluebird to your backyard is fun and enjoyable. Getting the best bluebird houses and bird feeders in your yard is the first step. Below we have identified the best selling bluebird birdhouses as well as what to look for when buying a birdhouse to attract bluebirds. I’ve also included tips on how to attract Bluebirds to your backyard.

SaleBirdInformer BESTSELLER # 1
Cartman Cedar Blue Bird Box House, Wood Bird Houses for Outside, Hummingbird House for Outside Clearance Garden Country Cottages, 2PK
  • Made of premium natural material with exquisite handcraft.
  • Adds fun and cheer to any garden decor. Excellent gift for birds or nature lover.
  • Pole design for birds to stand on so that they can feed or guard for their babies.
  • Mesh floor ensures that the nest is elevated off of the house base, and prevent moisture
  • We hope all the birds have a warm and comfortable home.
BirdInformer BESTSELLER # 2
Bird Houses for Outside with Metal Predator Guard for Bluebird Wren Swallow Finch, Carbonized Wooden Nesting Boxes for Outdoor, Sturdy Bird House,Easy to Clean
  • 🐣 FUNNY DESIGN-Novelty birdhouse is well-designed to attract desirable species, such as bluebirds, wrens, tree swallows, and chickadees. Seeing your cute visitors will be fun
  • 🐦 STURDY and WELL BUILT- Bird house is made of solid wood with beautiful texture and fixed with nails. The wood surface is carbonized at high temperatures. A stainless steel guard protects the entry hole
  • 🐣 SAFE HOME FOR FLEDGLINGS:The bluebird house predator guard around the entrance hole can help young birds against predators. Provide the birds a safe place to build a nest and raise young
  • 🐦 Easy to INSTALL- Bird houses for outside clearance can be fixed on a tree or fence with easy access for birds. The bird box comes with a pre-drilled hole and a rust-proof screw
  • 🐣 Easy to CLEAN- Bird nesting box front door opens for easy cleaning after fledglings have left. These bluebird houses interior grooves, like a small ladder, help young birds leave the cedar bird house
SaleBirdInformer BESTSELLER # 3
Gray Bunny Bird Houses for Outside - Cedar Bird House, Bluebird House with Secure Latch, Fledgling Grooves, & Air Vents, Weatherproof Birdhouse, Gifts for Mom, Gifts for Dad
  • {NATURAL WOOD MATERIAL} - The birdhouse is made of natural solid cedar wood material which features, odorless, fine workmanship with polished surface and anti-rust installation accessories. Solid 2cm thick walls and an even thicker, rigged roof.
  • {SUPERIOR DESIGN} - Grooves on the inside of the house just below the entry hole enable the young to climb up to feed and peer out at the world around them. The Round window prevents predators but also allows air circulation to offer a comfortable and breathable living environment for nesting. Additional Air Vents allow for maximum air ventilation to ensure healthy fledglings.
  • {EASY ASSEMBLY & CLEANING} - Clean-out door allows easy access to clean between broods. Mount on surfaces with included screws and rear panel holes or on poles with additional hardware.
  • {BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE} - We are so confident you’ll love the products that we give a 1-year warranty on the purchase. If, for some reason you are not happy with your order, reach out to us and we will gladly assist you.
BirdInformer BESTSELLER # 4
Nature's Way Bird Products CWH3 Cedar Bluebird Box House
  • Made with rot-resistant premium cedar and rust-free stainless-steel hardware
  • Air vents allow for maximum air ventilation through wall and floor openings for bird health
  • Clean-out door provides easy access for cleaning
  • Elevated mesh floor aids in management of blowfly; Durable rust-free galvanized wire mesh
  • Predator guard extends entrance hole to protect against predators; fledgling kerfs provide extra grip for fledglings to climb out
BirdInformer BESTSELLER # 5
OceeK Cedar Blue Bird Box House Wood Bird Box House Audubon Cedar Wren and Chickadee Wren Home, Cedar Bluebird Box House, with Perch, Bluebird Viewing House Outdoor Wood Bird Box House (8.6" Tall)
  • oceek NATURAL WOOD MATERIAL - The birdhouse is made of natural wood material which features, odorless, fine workmanship with polished surface, anti-rust installation accessories, superior quality
  • GREAT & PRACTICAL DESIGN - This wooden bird box house is with front perch which allow the birds to have a rest before the door, this wooden bird house offers a perfect solution to watch your favorite species fly in and roost
  • PERFECT HOME FOR BIRDS - A round window not only to prevent predator but also allows air circulation to offer a comfortable and breathable living environment to provide the birds a safe place to build a nest and raise young
  • EASY & QUICK INSTALLATION - The top of the wooden birdhouse is designed with hanging hole, you can easily hang this birdhouse in outdoor trees or other places firmly with a nail installation, effortlessly to install
  • BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE - AA is professional and reliable manufacture of bird accessories who is devoted to provide perfect solutions for bird keeping, feel free to contact us if there is any issue with our birdhouse

What to Look For When Buying a Bluebird Birdhouse

Bluebirds are a highly sought-after backyard bird. They have a gorgeous plumage with fantastic blue backs, pale underparts, and love to swing from tree to tree. Further, the birds eat moths, larvae, and a vast number of pests acting as a natural insect control option. Even better, they fill your compound with some melodious songs, especially during the summer breeding season.

best bluebird houses
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Naturally, the bird species love to live in dead tree cavities. Unfortunately, some more aggressive species often drive them out of their nests. Today, people attract these birds species by availing human-made habitats at the yards.

To lure the birds into your compound, you may need to provide the basics needs, including the best bluebird houses for nesting, food, water, and shelter. There are many nest boxes available today, which might make it challenging to pick the right one. Here is a detailed buying guide to help choose the best bluebird houses.

Quality of Construction

Cavity-nesting backyard birds require a great nesting-site. First, you need to choose the right construction material. Wood-made nests make an ideal house that perfectly insulates the nest. It prevents chilling in the cold season or overheating in the warm periods. You can choose plywood or other wood slabs nest boxes.

It’s good to note that you can select lightly painted houses on the outside to improve durability. Please consider dull colors that blend in with the surroundings. Also, ensure that you have a slanted roof that will allow rainwater to drain off quickly.

You will find numerous birdhouse plans online that work well with various species.

For example, the Peterson house plan style has a narrower bottom and a full top, as shown below.

Peterson birdhouse plan
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The Gilbertson nest box with a PVC body and roof that makes a cost-effective option (shown below).

Gilbertson nest box
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You can also find some fantastic and easy to build DIY house plans to build your own version of the best bluebird houses.

A functional nest box is waterproof yet well ventilated with enough drainage holes. Also, its rot resistance, with an untreated exterior and lightly coated surface.

Birdhouse Dimensions

Choosing the appropriate dimension for your backyard birdhouse is vital. It allows you to create comfortable and safe enough habitat for Bluebirds that don’t accommodate other species. This is an important aspect to consider when choosing the best bluebird houses.

For a sufficient house, you need to consider the entrance hole. A hole that is 1-1/2 inches in diameter (3.8 cm) perfectly suits the eastern and western species. However, mountain bluebirds require more space, and you may want to consider a 1-9/16 inch (4.0 cm) diameter hole. Be sure to select the appropriate hole dimension for the best bluebird houses to attract the type of Bluebird in your region!

Over time, the hole may enlarge due to natural wear. It would be best to do regular repairs to maintain an appropriate size that keeps other unwanted species away. You may use rectangular or oval-shaped holes, which discourages the house sparrows.

Additionally, you need to consider the entrance height. Ideally, place the house six to ten inches above the floor. The height protects hatchlings from tumbling out of openings. Besides, it protects your birds from predator attacks.

Further, consider the interior floor space. The birds’ species raises around three to eight chicks, and the house can become too crowded. A 5 x 5 inch (12.7 x 12.7 cm) floor space will comfortably accommodate your birds without leaving excess space.

The bluebird’s house height can vary from 20 to 30 centimeters, with the rear part appearing slightly taller than the front. It will help slant the roof to provide enough cover and shade at the entrance. It would be best to avoid perches since they encourage other competing bird species and predators.

Appropriate Habitat for Bluebird Nest Boxes

Besides picking the right nest box size, you need to position it correctly to attract the birds. It would be best to place it in open woodland, parks, forest edges, near golf courses, pastures, or adjacent to farmlands. The birds will look for sufficient foraging spaces before nestling. Thus, they prefer mature and well-spaced trees with some grassy areas that provide security while foraging.

You may want to avail of some extra grass clippings or smaller twigs near the location for more natural nest construction. Also, avoid using insecticides in the areas since the birds love to eat insects. You can attract them further by providing mealworms in-ground trays and planting berry-producing shrubs.

Additionally, avail clean water in a shallow container near the nest. Choose a large enough water basin that accommodates large families. It would be wise to put out the nest boxes during winter so that the birds can locate it before the breeding season.

Best Placement and Mounting for Your Nest Box

When installing the nest house, mount it on a pole or post, with around four to six feet off the ground. Also, let the opening face a large tree or nearby shrubs that provide convenient foraging and reachable escapes for the young birds. Please keep the entrance facing away from strong winds or harsh sun rays. If you place it near a road, then you may want to install it parallel to the pathways to keep it off from constant traffic.

Also, note that the bird species appears quite competitive, and it would be best to provide enough spacing. If you need to use more houses, place them around 100 yards apart, especially for the eastern species.

The mountain bluebird may require up to 200 yards spacing to feel more secure and comfortable. The birds will begin to show up between February and April, so by this time, ensure that you have a well cleaned and positioned nest box.

Monitoring Your Bluebird Birdhouse

Once you have your nest box in place, constant monitoring will keep it safe for your backyard birds. You can check the nest to confirm if you have the right species at your backyard. Also, look out for holes, cracks, or other damages and repair where necessary. Check out for wasp’s nests and destroy them since their presence can prevent the bluebirds from nesting.

Keep a close watch of the nest, and when the bird ultimately leaves, clean out the nesting materials between broods. Get rid of any parasites living in it to create a safe environment for your birds. At the end of the period, remove all old nesting material, and wash it to prepare it for the next nesting season.

Although you might feel tempted to monitor the nest box often, please avoid opening it when the babies are too young. You also need to continually monitor the birdhouse to prevent other birds and predators from nesting on it.

Install a predator guard to prevent snakes or raccoons from climbing the nest. Further, to keep the house free from sparrows, it would be wise to mount it at around five feet or slightly lower. Also, locate the home away from dwellings and urban areas to protect invasion by house swallows.

Additionally, you can install a nest box camera to monitor your nests from anywhere. Besides helping you spot intruders in the nest, it will boost your overall enjoyment. As a bird watcher, you will observe some amazing cycles and behaviors of the birds in your backyard.

Additional tips for Attracting Bluebirds

Even after following the above tips to meet the bird’s basic needs, it may take some time to attract bluebirds to your yard. Here are some additional tips that you can consider.

  • Keep the lawn areas clean and neat so that bluebirds quickly access and feed on insects.
  • Keep cats indoors to prevent scaring away bluebirds.
  • Always prepare your nests to accommodate bluebirds all year round.
  • Protect the nests from predators to keep the vulnerable chicks safe.

Bluebird Birdhouse FAQs

What kind of birdhouses do Bluebirds prefer?

The birds require a wood-based nest with enough ventilation and drainage holes on the floor to create a comfortable habitat. If painted, please use neutral earth tones.

How high do you put a nest box?

It would be best to place the nest box at a minimum height of 4 feet to protect it from climbing and jumping predators. Also, consider a maximum of six feet, which allows easier maintenance within reach.

How do I attract Bluebirds to my nest box?

To attract the birds, place the nest box in an open place with low grass. You can also plant native berries and add a water source. Additionally, avoid using pesticides and other harmful chemicals in your lawn.

When should you hang Bluebird’s house?

Put your nest boxes out before springs when the birds look for nesting sites. In areas with numerous bluebirds, you can place it out at any time.

Wrap Up

As you can see, the array of houses available for bluebirds today is amazing. Nevertheless, what you select matters more to you than to these birds. The above informative guide aims at helping you choose the best bluebird houses to attract beautiful birds to your yard. Remember to pick the right material and dimensions, and place it conveniently to keep the birds safe and deter other competing birds.

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