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What Colors Attract Cardinals To A Backyard

What Colors Attract Cardinals To A Backyard?

Yes, birds behave differently with different colors. It might seem crazy, but it’s true. So which colors should you put out if you’d like to get a Northern cardinal to come to your backyard? What colors attract cardinals? Well, through my intense research, I’ve learned the secret of the color-coordinated

An In-Depth View Of Where Do Cardinals Nest?

I often wonder where Cardinals nest at all times of the year as I am lucky enough to have these beautiful birds visiting my yard on a frequent basis. I have thoroughly researched this topic on cardinal nesting behavior and preferences. And, I explored nesting habits to see if they

how long does it take for birds to find a bird feeder

How Long Does It Take For Birds To Find A Bird Feeder?

Bird feeders are a neat way to feed these creatures, get in some bird watching, and add some decor to your yard. Knowing how to attract the birds to the feeder is important to help them transition from one type of feeder to another. Birds may find your bird feeder

What Do Cardinals Eat

What Do Cardinals Eat? The Definitive Guide To Their Diet

Bird lovers oftentimes wonder how they can get more cardinals to come and feed at their feeders. One way to do that is to learn what kind of things they like to eat. This article will cover their dietary needs so you can make changes to the type of seed

birds not using bird bath

Top 10 Reasons Why Birds Are Not Using Your Bird Bath

Does it seem like your neighborhood birds not using bird bath? This is a serious problem for avid bird watchers looking to attract fine feathered friends to their aviary paradise. I’ve figured out 10 reasons why this may be happening and I’ll share them with you today. Birds might not

why do you put stones in a bird bath

Learn Exactly Why You Should Place Stones In Your Bird Bath

Is putting stones in a bird bath a necessity? Many birdwatching aficionados tend to add them to their gorgeous baths – and your inquisitive mind continues to wonder… why do you put stones in a bird bath. Do not drive yourself bananas attempting to figure it out because I’m going

Birds In A Bird Bath In The Sun

Should A Bird Bath Be Positioned In The Sun Or Shade?

Are you trying to decide on the best place to position your new bird bath? Wondering should a bird bath be in the sun or shade? Instead of driving myself crazy trying to figure it out, I did the research and discovered the truth in all of its forms, which

how to stabilize a bird bath

The Proper Techniques To Anchor Or Stabilize A Bird Bath

Are you tired of seeing your bird bath almost tip over whenever a strong gust of wind rips through your backyard? This topic grabbed my attention when it nearly happened to me. To prevent this tragedy, I researched anchoring and learned powerful techniques for how to stabilize a bird bath

how to clean a birdbath

How To Clean A Birdbath

Have you ever wondered about the simplest and most effective ways to properly clean a birdbath? “How to clean a birdbath” has been weighing on my mind lately. So, I put in the time, did hours of research, and came up with some great answers that I shared below. Keeping

Robin in birdbath

How Often Should You Change The Water In Your Bird Bath?

Knowing when to change bird bath water isn’t as clear-cut as it seems. Do you wait until the water becomes dirty, starts to run dry, or something else entirely? I needed to know the truth, so I researched this topic and discovered some interesting facts that I’ll tell you about

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