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  • Top 40 Backyard Birds Of Maine

    Top 40 Backyard Birds Of Maine

    Maine, also known as the Pine Tree State, promotes a friendly environment for birds. With almost 89% of its area covered with forest, there’s plenty of food, water, and shelter for birds. But, what birds can you expect to see in Maine? Which ones are the most common backyard birds

  • How To Attract Owls

    How To Attract Owls

    Owls are beautiful birds that feed on mice and other small rodents crawling in your yard. Most people attach decoy owls to keep these rodents away. Now imagine how effective it would be if you have real owls in your yard.  Unfortunately, these birds are not the easiest to attract,

  • Owl Life Expectancy: How Long Do They Live?

    Owl Life Expectancy: How Long Do They Live?

    As animals who are always shown as higher beings in movies, owls are like many other birds. They’re beautiful, fascinating to look at, but unfortunately, they don’t live too long. I always wondered, how long do owls live and set out to find the answer… The average life expectancy of owls

  • 8 Bird Species That Migrate Incredible Distances

    8 Bird Species That Migrate Incredible Distances

    As winter approaches, we notice how some birds in our area start leaving and arriving. It’s a yearly cycle, and it has always been fascinating to watch.  However, have you ever wondered where the birds go?  Well, some may stay within the area, others may travel a little bit far,

  • How Birds Form Complex Societies

    How Birds Form Complex Societies

    As a bird watcher, I’ve always found birds interesting to watch, and there’s certainly so much to learn about them. One thing that I’ve always been curious about is how their social structure works.  If you’ve been observing birds so long in bird feeders, you have probably observed how tight

  • Bird Feeder Placement Guide

    Bird Feeder Placement Guide

    Learn Everything You Need To Know About Where To Place Bird Feeders In Your Yard For Best Results – Great For Novices And Experienced Birdwatchers Bird feeding is more than just giving the birds the right food or getting the best bird feeders. It’s also about knowing where to place

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