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Welcome to birdinformer, the website providing information on different types of birds. We aim to provide information on a range of different types of birds, including some of the most eye catching colorful birds that nature provides. Not only do we provide specific information on the kinds of birds but we also provide an articles section from where you can find all of our related bird information on a range of bird aspects.

What Are Birds?

Well firstly to start things off in the most basic way as possible...what are birds? Birds are a species of animal which are classed as aves. The most common way to characterize a bird is by the following:

  • Feathered
  • Warm Blooded
  • Lay hard shelled eggs (amniotic eggs)
  • Are Vertebrates
  • Winged
  • Beaks without teeth
  • Four chambered heart like that of humans.

One factor that people are in fact misled by is that all birds can fly...wrong, whether they can fly or not does not characterize them as birds. However most birds can fly which is why this misconception has come even though it’s a common way of spotting any kinds of birds. Penguins are a prime example, they are not flying birds. Hope this clears up the question of what are birds!

Types of Birds

Today in the world it is known to contain an amazing 10,000 bird species...considering that how many birds are there because who do you know that has not seen a living bird? Their habitats stretch all over the globe from warm tropics to the Antarctica and arctic regions which means bird identification really is vital with the vast amount of bird species.

Bird identification can be very tricky when comparing some types of birds as not all have much distinctive features that can be spotted by the naked eye. Of course everything comes into play when trying to identify birds such as:

  • Bird sounds or bird calls
  • Wingspan
  • Size
  • Diet
  • Colours (There are some truly colorful birds & beautiful birds!)
  • Shape
  • Flight
  • Bird migration patterns

Many kinds of birds are popular as pets such as colorful birds like parrots, cockatoos or budgies. These types of birds are all successful as home pets due to their requirements and how they interact with humans. Some colorful birds just are not suitable for household pets so make sure you don’t get blinded by their beauty and find out about them!

There are many other kinds of birds such as birds of paradise which are truly remarkable with their characteristics and unfamiliar methods. However these beautiful birds are rarely seen.

Bird Migration

There comes a time where a current habitat spot of a bird may become useless or less valuable to them. These times are when the main bird migration times happen. Seasonal changes are the main factor of bird migration as due to these changes much of the environment around their habitat can change in terms of food and weather. If you think about their habitat it is situated in places where food is high, weather is ideal, predators are minimum and all/most of their needs are complimented by the area. Hence with seasonal changes some food sources are diminished, possible more predators appear and the weather will also be different. Therefore bird migration takes place to find a spot where their needs are satisfied again.

Two types of bird migration can take place, long distance and small distance bird migration. Of course with different bird species there is going to be different habitats that are more suited to that specific species so a shorter or longer migration path is taken. One bird that holds the longest bird migration distance is the Arctic tern which flies from the Antarctica to the arctic and vice versa. This long distance migration path is an amazing 12,000 miles which allows the arctic tern to see two summers a year so they can get more daylight time than any other living creature.

Importantly to note is that not all birds will migrate and even some species will partially migrate where some birds of that species will migrate and some don’t. This partial/no migration can be due to the basic reasons of bird migration not being required as the current habitat can still situate for their requirements of the area or possibly that the targeted location simply is already populated by other birds.

Bird Supplies

In an effort to know all about birds ,there is also a requirement to know about bird supplies which comprise of articles for pet birds. Some of these bird supplies are:

  • Books on types of birds, pet birds, their care, food, health care
  • Cages & Accessories
  • Bedding & Litter for pet birds.
  • Cleaning & Odor Removers for cages of pet birds
  • Chicken Coops & Accessories
  • Perches & Ladders for birds to play in cages
  • Nesting
  • Toys for birds to play in cage.
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