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How To Build A Bluebird Feeder **DIY (FREE Plans Available)

Do you want to attract bluebirds to your backyard? If so, you’ll need a bluebird feeder, ideally one that can hold meal worms to feed bluebirds. Here, I will give you step by step instructions on how to create your very own bluebird feeder with our unique bluebird feeder plans, … Read more

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In-Depth Feeder Reviews

Looking for the best bird feeders to add to your backyard? Here, you'll find a large variety of bird feeders that we have reviewed. All styles, types, and special purpose feeders including platform, tube, suet cages, squirrel proof, hummingbird, artistic, vintage, unique, and more. Browse through the many different review articles. And... if you don't see a style or specific type of feeder reviewed, contact us to suggest it. We're more than happy to put it to the test! 

Pacific Bird And Supply Co Green Ring Suet Ball And Peanut Feeder

Pacific Bird & Supply Green Ring Suet Ball Bird Feeder 2022 Review

Imagine the possibilities… You throw back your curtains in the morning and gaze out your window on a gorgeous wintry day. You look over at your bird feeder and discover a group of blue jays diligently munching away on tasty suet balls packed inside the wreath. These amazing blue jays … Read more

Picnic Table Platform Feeder for Birds

The Squirrel Shop Picnic Table Platform Feeder: Full Analysis

A Stunningly Gorgeous Squirrel And Blue Jay Feeder With A Deep Platform Tray That Holds A Plethora Of Nuts & Seeds. You’ll Love The Durable, Clean, Appealing Overall Design Too. Please indulge me for a moment… The sun is shining brightly on a frigid winter morning. You see a handful … Read more

Nature's Way Cedar Platform Tray Bird Feeder

Nature’s Way Hanging Platform Feeder: 2022 All-Inclusive Analysis

A Minimal Hanging Platform Feeder With A Functional Design. This Top-Notch Blue Jay Feeder Brings Simplicity, Durability, And Ease To Your Backyard Bird Feeding Efforts. Imagine the future with me for a second… You wake up on a bright sunny morning and step outside onto the deck in your backyard. … Read more

Birds Choice Recycled Jay Bird Feeder

Birds Choice Whole Peanut Blue Jay Feeder with Green Roof

A Bird-Friendly Peanut Dispenser With Large Holes And A Unique Design. This Acrylic Paneled Blue Jay Feeder Is Durable, Sturdy, A Great Choice For Large Backyard Birds. I’m glad you found your way here! More than likely, you discovered my website because you need info about finding the perfect blue … Read more

Seed Saver Domed Feeder

Seed Saver Domed Feeder: Comprehensive 2021 Detailed Review

An Aesthetically Pleasing Favorite Designed With Style & Grace. This Domed Bird Feeder Is Durable, Feeds Multiple Birds At Once, And Is Proudly Made In The USA. Glad you could make it! I’m guessing you’re here because you enjoy it when blue jays visit your backyard so much that you … Read more

DutchCrafters Plastic Platform Ground Bird Feeder Tray Review

DutchCrafters Poly Ground Bird Feeder Tray: 2022 Ultimate Analysis

A Study Piece Of American Craftsmanship That Only The Amish Can Deliver. With 12 Colors To Choose From, This Eco-Friendly Bird Feeder Is Handcrafted To Perfection. Imagine for a second… Blue jays are attempting to get tasty black oil sunflower seeds from your tube feeder and they’re having a difficult … Read more

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